Bready and Chartwells Bring Gluten-Free to Campuses

Last year Michelle covered some tips for using a bread machine to make gluten-free bread, and you had a lot to say. Ditto my post last year about being gluten-free in college.

So, I thought you might be interested in this press release from Chartwells and Bready, announcing a partnership to get gluten-free breadmakers to college campuses.

Who are these companies?

Well, Chartwells is a company that provides dining hall services to schools, put simply. And Bready is a breadmaking system involving specialized mixes and a specialized “robot” machine.
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Holidays! Controllable Christmas Lights For Celiac Disease

Did you have a nice Thanksgiving? Have you sorted out your leftovers, made your turkey enchiladas and your (gluten-free) stuffing casserole?

I sure hope so, because it is now officially the holiday season.

To start things off, check out Alek’s Controllable Christmas Lights for Celiac Disease.

The new display for 2011 should go live later today; 20,000 lights of festive cheer. Not only are there 3 webcams broadcasting the display, but you can take a turn controlling the lights and inflatables via the internet. And it all raises money for the University of Maryland Center for Celiac Research.
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New Ingredients in Your Food: Kiwifruit and Potatoes

Bernd das Brot
Bernd das Brot. Barely related to article, but still my favorite grumpy German puppet.

A quick post today, for when you need a break from turkey and cranberry and pie and all of tomorrow’s delicious foods.

I know you already know what kiwi and potatoes are. I’m not that goofy. But, did you know that there are some new products on the market, made from the exotic kiwi and the humble potato, that will likely be coming to a food near you.

Researchers and food scientists have developed two new products that are (supposedly) beneficial to those of us on a gluten-free diet. The ingredients aren’t going to be available for you or I to purchase in the supermarket anytime soon, but it’s good to know about them nevertheless.
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Scot Wins Grant to Cook GF Food With Soundwaves

Is THIS guy going to be cooking your food?

First of all, thank goodness for the internet, without which I’m sure I would never read articles written for The Journal, distributed to the student population of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Second of all, The Journal had a little story the other day about Dr. Carmen Sanchez-Torres winning a grant. I’m sure she’s lovely but I’m far more interested in this grant:

She’ll be commercializing her new technology, using sound waves to improve the structure of baked goods.

What kind of baked goods apparently stand the best chance of being helped? You guessed it: gluten-free ones. (Well, OK, low-salt too — but that segment of the market isn’t nearly as sexy.)
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Product Review: Halfpops

The folks at Halfpops sent me a really big box of samples the other week.

Folks at Halfpops: if I didn’t have plenty of friends to share with, I would be very upset with you. How in the world is a mere mortal supposed to summon up the willpower to not eat all of these, instantly?

For those of you not familiar with the company, allow me to explain. Halfpops are bags full of popcorn that’s only been (you guessed it) half-popped. So it’s still really crunchy. And tasty.
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