Product Review: Evol Foods’ gluten-free bowls

The other week, Evol Foods mailed me some coupons so I could try out their gluten-free, microwavable bowls. Excellent. I totally dig coupons.

And, obviously, since I’m writing about them — I dug the Evol Bowls, too.

Evol started as a burrito company, then got acquired by the people behind Bear Naked and expanded to include flatbreads pizzas and bowls. Only the bowls are gluten-free, so that’s all we’re talking about here.

Four gluten-free flavors:

  • Teriyaki Chicken (dairy-free, contains soy)
  • Fire-grilled Steak (soy-free, contains dairy)
  • Chicken Enchilada (soy-free, contains dairy)
  • Bean & Cheese Enchilada (soy-free, contains dairy, vegetarian)

I liked several things about the product. First and foremost, I like that they’ve taken about as many precautions as anyone could possibly take to make a frozen, microwavable meal green. Carbon offsets, compostable bowls made of sugarcane pulp, and outer packaging that is at least 35% post-consumer waste content / 100% recyclable. Added bonus, my microwave is old and finicky, but these cooked up quickly and evenly (between 3 and 4 minutes).

Second, I like that they list their meat and dairy providers — all of which are free of GMOs and rBGH/rBST. Some you might recognize, like Niman Ranch. Others were new to me, like Wilcox Family Farm’s free-range eggs. Neat.

Third, I thought they were tasty (as if I would write about something that tasted bad). When I was in a hurry but hungry for something warm (and something that would leave me feeling good), these totally fit the bill. The Teriyaki Chicken is definitely the healthiest (in terms of fat, calories, sodium, and cholesterol), but my favorites were the two enchilada flavors.

As is often the case with frozen meals, Evol bowls aren’t spicy — which makes them perfect for dosing with your favorite gluten-free hot sauce (or not, if you aren’t a fan of heat).

I picked mine up at our local Whole Foods, but they’re fairly widely distributed and you should be able to find them at your local health food store or grocery store (a quick search on their website turns up options in most places).

Have you tried Evol gluten-free bowls? What did you think?

8 thoughts on “Product Review: Evol Foods’ gluten-free bowls”

  1. I’ve only had the fire-grilled steak, but it was pretty tasty. What I want, though? Some gluten-free burritos! I’ve only seen one brand in the Nashville area (I think it was Amy’s?), but neither of the two flavors available had meat.

  2. Re: gluten free burritos – GlutenFreeda has some with meat – shredded beef, beef & potato and chicken & cheese. They also have some pizza wraps. I like their tortilla – actually reminds me of real ones!

  3. Tried the Bean and Cheese Burrito – not worth the fat and sodium content. I keep my fat contect to about 21 grams a day – this burrito had 15 grams of fat and over 500mg of sodium. It does have 8 grams of fiber – so I have to give it that.

  4. I think I’m sticking with Amy’s gluten-free dairy-free burritos.

    Bummer that there is only one vegetarian option and it’s not dairy-free, although yay that it’s soy-free!

  5. I tried the Fire-grilled Steak. As I microwaved it, it smelled (and I kid you not, several other teachers came into the faculty room and said the same exact thing independent of each other) like STINK BUGS. It was atrocious. It tasted okay, I guess (and I am NOT a picky eater), but the aftertaste was that of the stink bug smell. It was nauseating. For those of you who don’t have experience with stink bugs, an increasingly invasive pest, as we do on the east coast, consider yourselves lucky.

    Seriously, I’ll take a little GM corn and no stink bug taste over this ANY DAY. I bought the teryaki chicken also, but I’m kind of afraid. There are good reviews of that here… maybe it’s a bit more palatable.

  6. I like Evol ingredients and taste, but I feel like they seriously skimp on meat and more expensive ingredients like veggies. All I really see in my bowls and burritos are those eternal beans…beans everywhere. One time, I deliberately picked out all my beans and was left with only 1/2 a meal!

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