Udi’s Announces a New Millet Chia Bread and Omega Flax & Fiber Bread from

Here’s a factoid for you: research shows that approximately 3 million Americans, or roughly 1% of the population, has been diagnosed with Celiac disease. This, plus the fact that many people choose to live gluten-free because of how it makes them feel, means that many more gluten-free products are showing up on the shelves of our local Safeways, Whole Foods, Ralph’s and Piggly Wigglys.

Udi’s is one of those companies that caters to us gluten-free diners. Its products include breads, bagels, granola, buns, cookies, muffins, pizza crusts, and cinnamon rolls. With these in the house you can almost forget you’re gluten-free! The products are easy to source and well-known and, in case you didn’t know this second factoid, its white and whole grain breads are the #1 and #2 top sellers in the segment.

The company has just introduced Millet Chia Bread and Omega Flax & Fiber Bread, which are fiber- and nutrient-rich, and fortified. I’m picturing a post-Thanksgiving turkey sandwich on these breads! Early 2012 will bring fortified muffin tops, fudgy Double Chocolate Brownie Bites and three flavors of frozen gluten-free pizzas.

More information on Udi’s is here.

9 thoughts on “Udi’s Announces a New Millet Chia Bread and Omega Flax & Fiber Bread from”

  1. I do love Udi’s products, but I’ve found a baguette bread made by a company called “Against the Grain”. The baguette is wonderful! It’s frozen, so put it in the microwave for 20 seconds and then in the oven for about 5-8 minutes. It has a crunchy crust and the inside consistency of a popover. I found it at Whole Foods.

  2. I love Udi’s product it is the best on the market and I am looking forward to the new breads. I hope in the future you come out the a hogie roll.

  3. I purchased Millet Chia bread at a Hyvee in MN, but have been unsuccessful in finding it in Safeway here in Green Valley, AZ. It’s delicious. Please help me.

  4. Udi’s Millet-Chia Bread is my absolute favorite! Those with celiac really struggle to get enough fiber in their diet. This bread is the answer! It has 5g of protein and 6 g of fiber! It is delicious!

  5. I bought the millet-chai and omega-fiber bread last week. Up to this point I hadn’t found a GF bread that was better than 5/10.

    These new Udi’s breads were wonderful and tasted just like a normal multigrain bread.

    The millet-chai was an 8/10 and the omega-fiber was a 9/10!

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