Thanksgiving turkeys We have a few things in the schedule for the next couple of days, and I suddenly realized that we hadn’t a single Thanksgiving post.


Hopefully by now you have your menu straight and you’ve either talked with your host or your guests about what having a gluten-free Thanksgiving entails (whether for one person or the whole table). If not, though, the Internet is absolutely awash in Thanksgiving ideas for you to feast upon. The following is a bit of a meta-roundup, if you will. The favorite tasty morsels from my favorite Internet celebrities,  for your reading/cooking/eating pleasure.

First, a two-pronged shameless plug:

  1. Last year I wrote down a gluten-free Thanksgiving checklist. I just reread it, I think it all holds true and is worth a quick peek especially if you are at a not-100% GF Turkey Day.
  2. Your gluten-free grocery guide (or the equivalent app) is an easy way to check and make sure all your festive ingredients are safe to eat.

And now for everyone else:

What are your favorite resources for enjoying gluten-free holidays?