Holidays! Controllable Christmas Lights For Celiac Disease

Did you have a nice Thanksgiving? Have you sorted out your leftovers, made your turkey enchiladas and your (gluten-free) stuffing casserole?

I sure hope so, because it is now officially the holiday season.

To start things off, check out Alek’s Controllable Christmas Lights for Celiac Disease.

The new display for 2011 should go live later today; 20,000 lights of festive cheer. Not only are there 3 webcams broadcasting the display, but you can take a turn controlling the lights and inflatables via the internet. And it all raises money for the University of Maryland Center for Celiac Research.

It’s pretty neat, no? Alek, the man who puts the display on, describes himself via YouTube as a  “typical, suburbanite, middle-aged, boring dad who, during the Christmas holidays, gets just a little carried away.”

Alek and family put the lights up mostly for the sheer joy of it (and the computer-controls for the sheer geek-factor), but as the word spread Alex decided to use his spotlight for good. Since both of his kids have celiac disease, anyone wishing to donate is asked to send their donations towards Maryland. To date, over $60,000 has been raised.

You can donate via a link straight from the site, or check out this page for alternate options and sponsorships.

Thanks Alek!

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