Food PyramidI don’t know how you feel about horoscopes, but I tend to regard them with suspicion — even though they are sometimes eerily accurate.

I feel similarly towards the concept of a blood type diet. The idea that my blood would somehow dictate the foods that are potentially healthy/hurtful for me, well it makes me raise an eyebrow.

Mainstream science seems to scoff at the concept as well, admitting that none of the advice is potentially harmful (there is no blood type that thrives on whipped cream and corn syrup) but citing a lack of studies proving any specific benefit to the concept.

And yet…well, it’s interesting.

The concept of eating for your blood type can be traced to naturopathic Dr. James D’Adamo, whose son, also a naturopathic doctoer (Dr. Peter J D’Adamo) currently practices in Brooklyn. According to the basic overview on his website, the blood type most likely to have trouble with grains and dairy is Type O.

Going further, he says that if you are Type O you likely benefit from animal proteins and intense exercise like aerobics or running, and are harmed by grains, dairy and to some extent certain beans and corn. You’re also most likely to have allergies.

People with blood that’s Type A, conversely, are well-suited to a vegetarian lifestyle, unharmed by grains, and likely to enjoy calming and centering exercises like tai chi. They are at increased risk of diabetes and cancer.

Type B’s seem the best-off; they don’t have any “to avoid” foods on their short list and they enjoy moderate exercises. Still, they’re apparently most likely to develop autoimmune disorders (which would include celiac disease, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, etc).

Type A-B’s, predictably, have to find a balance between the recommendations for Type A and Type B.

I’ll be frank: I don’t know my blood type. I know a vegetarian A and a grain-minimizing O, but also a vegan/grain-loving O. So now I’m asking you:

If you’re gluten-avoidant, are you also Type O? If you’re vegetarian, are you Type A? Do you think this is all a load of bunk?