Gluten-free Buns at McDonald’s and Burger King? In Some Countries, It’s a Reality

Did you know McDonald’s has a gluten-free bun in Spain, Sweden, Finland and Norway?

Talk about feeling left out over here in America. Sheesh.

Although I first learned about this when a friend forwarded me this blurb on gluten-free fast food from CNN’s Fortune blog, the gluten-free bun is apparently not a particularly new introduction.

Still, I thought some of you intrepid gluten-free travelers might want the info should you find yourself in Europe. And if I wasn’t aware, at least one or two of you were in the bunless dark too.

A greater search around the Internet brought up some reviews, which I’ll share below the jump. When I enlisted a friend to check McDonald’s Norwegian website, I got a second shock: Burger King offers gluten-free buns too, at least in Scandinavia!

So how do these buns taste? Well, according to the reviews online, they’re not half-bad — especially if you’re craving some fast food while abroad.


Gluten Free Appetite posted the press release announcing McDonald’s gluten-free buns back in June (it’s translated into English).


Gluten Free Mrs. D wrote about her first gluten-free McDonald’s, and also her memories of McDonald’s in Russia twenty years ago (not GF, but really interesting!).


Gluten Free / Dairy Free NJ has great photos as well as a comprehensive review of the Olso gluten-free experience — Burger King, McDonald’s, and more. is a resource for safe options in Norway, and although the descriptions are in Norwegian, Google Translate does a decent job of piecing information together.


Aptly enough, Globally Gluten Free was my top result when looking for news.

As always, it’s advisable that you take the same precautions internationally that you take at home: if you don’t feel that the people at the counter understand the precautions required to keep you safe, don’t eat! One easy way to simplify the process is to carry gluten-free dining cards, which are available in many languages including Spanish.

Have you had a fast food hamburger on a gluten-free bun while abroad? How was it?

25 thoughts on “Gluten-free Buns at McDonald’s and Burger King? In Some Countries, It’s a Reality”

  1. Any way we can be a voice to bring that here?! My little girl does so well with her CD, but every time life can be more normal for her we are so thankful. Kids need to be kids CD or not :)

  2. Please send me information on how to get the gluten-free grocery guide! This would be such a lifesaver!!! Thank you! Renee

  3. I have had a GF hamburger at McDonalds in Sweden, and I found it to be better than the hamburgers here. Sweden has more GF items in restaurants, grocery stores and fast food then any place I’ve seen. Not that I’m a huge world traveler.

  4. In 1998 I had a gf hamburger bun at Burger King Stockholm location. Breakfast was always a treat at our hotel as gf croissants were available. It was wonderful. Also had baskets of gf breads served at a local hotel in Helsinki. Was there on business and very happy to have such wonderful products during my stay. Even a Russian restaurant (where we had dinner) understood “sans gluten” Cried when I returned to the States and had a disappointing experience at a popular restaurant. Couldn’t believe “we” could be so far behind (at that time).

  5. Feeling left out in America? Good grief! Try being in New Zealand! I seriously wish we could get stuff like that here ay, possibly Udi’s and a bit of gluten-free Subway action would be nice too.
    Thanks for bringing this to our attention! If I ever go to Europe, I might visit Maccas – hahaha! Imagine. 😉

  6. I think we should all send requests to McDonalds and Burger King, letting them know we would like the Gluten Free buns here too!! Besides, McDonalds and Burger King originated in America…we should have been the first to have this on their menu…they wouldn’t have grown world-wide without us!! So happy that Subway is now on board with offering Gluten free on their menus! Come on McD’s and Burger King…get with the times!!

  7. How do we get them over here? I’m not a big McDonalds fan, but would go there if the buns were gluten free. For now, for those in Utah, there is a place called Dairy Keen in Heber City which has great burgers, such as the bacon, swiss & guacamole, on really good gluten free buns.

  8. Bring more GF items, offerings, food, etc. to NJ and PA !!!!
    What about Wendy’s – why don’t they have gf buns !

  9. It’s really easy to eat GF in Sweden. I have tried the GF bun at McDonalds- they were not the best I’ve ever had, but it’s wonderful to actually have an option at a fast-food restaurant. The french fries are also GF in Sweden and cooked in a dedicated fryer. It’s so civilized!

  10. There is just no way I would trust that. I worked at McDonald’s and it was all about getting the food out FAST. Not cleanliness, not avoiding getting all of the ingredients mixed together. And especially not taking great care to keep products gluten-free.

  11. I was in Stockholm last week and tried both the McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with Cheese as well as the Burger King Whopper on GF buns. I wasn’t able to watch them at McDonald’s but at Burger King I was able to watch them assemble it. The bun came individually wrapped. The wrapper and the bun went into a warming thing (microwave?). While it was warming, the guy changed his gloves. They gave the condiments (ketchup and mayo packets) to me on the side to put on myself (to avoid the knife cross contamination). No sickness what-so-ever at either place and I felt NORMAL. Stockholm was a GF heaven.

  12. Is everyone aware that within the last few months – in Texas anyway – that Red Robin now has gluten free buns. Their gluten free menu does not reflect that still indicating that they will substitute a wedge of lettuce for a protein style burger. The buns are good. We frequent our local Red Robin because they seem to understand and take precautions.

    Ann C.

  13. i so wish mcdonalds in ny would offer gluten free buns i feel so bad when my faminy goes there and my daughter and husband can only eat the meat.

  14. Are Amber and I the only ones worried about cross-contamination here? I have been saying for years that the day as I am diagnosed with terminal cancer I am going to MacDonalds for a Big Mac, but thankfully I am not there yet. While this article sounds encouraging, the reality is that I have to be wary of cross-contamination, is this not a common concern?

  15. @Amber one of the kitchens in Oslo was more or less open behind the counter (sorry don’t remember if it was a BK or a McDonalds) and I could watch them prepare my burger. The rolls were kept separate and prepped off on the side. Obviously that is just one location and I’d recommend to anyone that they should always double check on a particular restaurant’s local conditions and procedures. Each of the fast food places I visited seemed very celiac aware.

    That being said, I don’t think I’d trust a fast food employee if these were available here in the US! 😉

  16. Are you sure the burgers are gluten free? I read just the other day that their burgers are loaded with fillers. The patties are only 50% meat. rest is filler. The meat at Taco Bell is the same and it is not GF.

  17. Hard to believe US is so far behind on gf foods . Found a very good flour mix in a local store, went back, planning to buy several boxes, lo and behold none on shelf. Management said it must have been sent by mistake, I asked if they would order it for me and he said it was not on their order sheet ???. and no he couldn’t. Found the mix in a different store on their gf aisle, but I have to drive forty miles to shop there. So I had to order online .which takes six days. Bummer

  18. It is a known fact that Europe is more gluten free than we are. They take special measures to ensure food doesn’t get cross-contaminated. I wish restaurants were like that here in the States. But as always, if it doesn’t affect them why should they care as long as they make money.

  19. They can go to H$%^. I have no problem with everyday bread, and I certainly do not want this company to impose some dietary non-issue on me. I have noticed lately that McDonald’s bread (in California) has changed for the worse – it seems like a crumbly biscuit-like concoction with no chewiness, and disintegrates as I eat the burger leaving me holding greasy meat and dressing. I don’t know why, can’t find any news on this, but I know what I have observed. I am done with them until I hear that this has been corrected. I have always been a big fan of McD, but that is over now.

  20. Plz We need Gluten Free Buns In Canada. I Just feel so jealous seeing people having combos. I want to be like them too. Just Look at these 24
    Comment(s). If You Made Gf Buns In North America It Would Be Heaven To The People That Suffer Celiac Desiase.:)

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