Did you know McDonald’s has a gluten-free bun in Spain, Sweden, Finland and Norway?

Talk about feeling left out over here in America. Sheesh.

Although I first learned about this when a friend forwarded me this blurb on gluten-free fast food from CNN’s Fortune blog, the gluten-free bun is apparently not a particularly new introduction.

Still, I thought some of you intrepid gluten-free travelers might want the info should you find yourself in Europe. And if I wasn’t aware, at least one or two of you were in the bunless dark too.

A greater search around the Internet brought up some reviews, which I’ll share below the jump. When I enlisted a friend to check McDonald’s Norwegian website, I got a second shock: Burger King offers gluten-free buns too, at least in Scandinavia!

So how do these buns taste? Well, according to the reviews online, they’re not half-bad — especially if you’re craving some fast food while abroad.


Gluten Free Appetite posted the press release announcing McDonald’s gluten-free buns back in June (it’s translated into English).


Gluten Free Mrs. D wrote about her first gluten-free McDonald’s, and also her memories of McDonald’s in Russia twenty years ago (not GF, but really interesting!).


Gluten Free / Dairy Free NJ has great photos as well as a comprehensive review of the Olso gluten-free experience — Burger King, McDonald’s, and more.

Glutenfri.org is a resource for safe options in Norway, and although the descriptions are in Norwegian, Google Translate does a decent job of piecing information together.


Aptly enough, Globally Gluten Free was my top result when looking for news.

As always, it’s advisable that you take the same precautions internationally that you take at home: if you don’t feel that the people at the counter understand the precautions required to keep you safe, don’t eat! One easy way to simplify the process is to carry gluten-free dining cards, which are available in many languages including Spanish.

Have you had a fast food hamburger on a gluten-free bun while abroad? How was it?