Product Review: Angell Bars Gluten-free Angell Crisp

One of the most surefire ways to cheer up when the skies are gray and cloudy is to go home and find a package of chocolate bars waiting for you on your stoop. Ah, the glamorous life of a blogger.

Technically I suppose that isn’t true. The cheering-up really happens after you’ve brought the bars inside and opened one. After all, one of the “perils” of having random food to try is that sometimes, it doesn’t taste very good.

Ah, the glamorous, perilous, life of a blogger.

Happily, the Angell Crisp bars that I tore into the other week were deee-licious. To borrow the company’s description, they were “a classic combination of smooth, creamy milk chocolate and crispy rice. Every bit a candy bar, but gluten-free, and made from the same organic and Fair Trade Certified® ingredients as the rest.”

The bar itself was shaped similarly to a Twix® bar. The filling was nicely chewy without being caramel, and the crispy rice was a nice textural twist. A few of the specific things I liked about the Angell Crisp bars:

  • they come in adorable packaging
  • as promised, they’re clearly candy bars, clearly supposed to be a treat
  • even so, the portion size and nutritional info are responsible; I didn’t feel gluttonous eating one
  • thanks to a motto of Eat No Evil, the bars sport a highly socially responsible pedigree

More on that motto: the bars are both organic (USDA and Oregon Tilth) and fair trade (Fair Trade USA).

Angell Bars makes a few other flavors, but those are not gluten-free — so I wanted to find out more about the Angell Crisp bar and the company’s processes for avoiding cross-contamination. The official response:

Our facility is very serious about manufacturing procedures to avoid contamination.  The equipment is cleaned thoroughly between runs and potential contaminants are segregated.  We also send a number of samples from every run out for testing, and they have always come back well under the 20ppm threshold…

To see if a store near you carries the bars, you can check the website; if there’s nowhere convenient, you’ll be pleased to know that Angell Bars are available via in 12-pack boxes.

Have you had Angell Crisp? What did you think?

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  1. I really love to eat chocolates and this is one of my hobbies. i think everyone of us really love to make there own version of chocolates. Just like this angell crips bar chocolate it is made of combination of smooth, creamy milk chocolate and crispy rice that everyone love to bite.

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