Subway Expands Gluten-free Sandwich Offerings Yet Again

Any time we post about Subway’s growing gluten-free options, we get a lot of comments that say, “Hey Subway! Come to my town!”

For some of you, today is your lucky day. Well, actually, your lucky day was some time in the not-too-distant past — today’s just the day we’re posting about it.

Subway has made two big announcements regarding their gluten-free offerings.

The first:

All Subway stores across the state of Oregon will now have gluten-free options.

Why did Oregon “win” this special treat? Gluten-free Portland has an excerpt from the press release, which explains that during testing, Oregon stores sold the most gluten-free sandwiches. Logical enough — if I were a gigantic sandwich-selling corporation, I’d go to the places with the most buyers first, too.

The Statesman Journal, whose photo of Subway’s gluten-free buns graces this blog post, confirms that all of Oregon now has access to safe sandwiches and brownies.

I said there were two big announcements, though. What’s the other?

As you might have guessed, it’s two new cities on Subway’s steady march to a gluten-free America. If you live in Duluth, MN or Superior, WI, you too are a gluten-free test market for Subway.

If Oregon is any indication, states will go entirely gluten-free only if the cities that are being tested sell sufficient quantities of GF items. So if you live somewhere near a test market and you’d like to have Subway as an option: stop reading this blog already and go get yourself a sandwich!

55 thoughts on “Subway Expands Gluten-free Sandwich Offerings Yet Again”

  1. Subways in Rochester, Minnesota should be gluten free – after all, we are home to the Mayo Clinic and have thousands of visitors a year of which I am sure a lot of them are gluten free.

  2. Does anyone know how to get a listing of gluten free Subways in the Dallas area? I applaud Subway on their efforts, but they really need to publish a gluten free store listing somewhere.

  3. Canada is very slow to accommodate gluten-free diners. Some independent restaurants offer gluten-free pasta, usually only one variety and also offer G.F. pizzas. Pizza Pizza is ahead of the game with a fairly toothsome pizza, only one size.

    In S.W. Ontario where I live there are no restaurants devoted to G.F. diners and those with food intolerances. An excellent one did exist but is now defunct. I fear G.F. folks will be carefully ‘eating around the menus’ for a while. I must admit that in spite of the work, I enjoy my meals at home best!

  4. Does anyone know if Subway makes their GF buns? Or does someone else make them? If so, do you know what company?

    Thank you.

  5. Subway should of started offering Gluten Free sandwiches in Connecticut since we are home of Subway World Headquarters afterall. Just doesn’t make sense.

  6. When will they come to San angelo, Tx ? We have 93,000 people!
    I am SO ready for subway!! It’s been 6 yrs! I brought my gluten free bread
    Un opened and they refused to let my bread cross thier counter!!! Argh!!

  7. Until they start a whole new table for it so that they aren’t putting gluten-contaminated meat, cheese, and veggies on the gluten-free buns – I’m not going there.

  8. They should expand the offering to NYC as well – GF menu offerings are growing tremendously in most mainstream restaurants

  9. Please bring gluten-free bread to Fairbanks, Alaska! My husband, daughter and son can’t have gluten. We need options!!!

  10. Actually had the GF Subway sandwiches in Oregon. They are being very careful to keep the bread off the table, by wearing gloves when making the sandwich, by keeping all utensils used on regular bread separate from the GF items and making sure meat, cheese, etc does not touch bread & then get back into the containers to contaminate things. Can mistakes happen? Sure. But I had no problems and the buns were not bad tasting – or maybe it was just the joy of finally having a sub sandwich again!!

  11. I wish Subway were to offer gluten free all over the place, it is the one place I miss eating. BUT I am concerned about the cross contamination, how do they keep the toppings safe for us?

  12. Gluten free isn’t just a different bun. Do they put it on the same counter or a new piece of paper using a newly gloved hand? Are the condiments separate or are they handled by the same hand preparing the gluten buns also? Are their fries cooked in oil not contaminated by the onion rings? Gluten free food is easy, it is the contaminated everything else that is so difficult to avoid. One mistake and misery for weeks…

  13. How about southern california???? We have alot of people hare who have to eat gluten free. So think strongly about pasadena california!!

  14. We live in the Dallas area where Subway has offered gluten free bread & brownies for a while now. My 10 yr old daughter has Celiacs. She LOVES the buns! We go there at least once a week! The staff has been trained very well on how to avoid cross contamination. They change their gloves, use a disposable knife to cut the bun and put the bread on a new sheet of paper. Knock on wood we have not had any problems! Yay Subway!! I hope this goes nation wide. It sure makes traveling a lot easier to eat on the road!!

  15. FYI, off topic but to address the previous poster: there are a few Noodles & Company stores I go to that assume all gluten free orders are actual allergies, and they take their cross contamination very seriously. I would think McD’s would take it even more seriously.

  16. I too am Celiac, and the cross-contamination is A BIG ISSUE if you are one…some people don’t realize how it affects a Celiac’s body…maybe they need more dedicated training at the GF restaurants…thanks for keeping us informed.

  17. Subway should offer the gluten free bun in New York City, connecticut
    and new jersey, especially at the subway in the paramus mall.

  18. Here in the Chicagoland area, we have Restaurants with Gluten Free kitchens, others have lengthy Gluten Free menues. Jimmy Johns has a lettuce wrap….I would think that the market is here, how about testing it??

  19. I like a good subway sandwich, but I’m in Brooklyn N.Y. Why can’t there be any Gluten-free Subway sandwiches in any part of the 5 boroughs of New York City? Lynn Sacks

  20. I , too, am a Celiac Disease patient for 62 years. Cross contamination is a very critical issue for me.One of my ideas of fun and entertainment is to go out to eat with my family and friends. But, because of my illness, it makes it difficult for me, my family, and friends that I wish to go to dinner or lunch together. I totally agree that more training is necessary for all staff in a restaurant ( servers & kitchen) and even in the hospital kitchens need more supervision and training when fixing patient trays. I have been fed gluten products (even when I had to be on a liquid diet). It has happened every time that I have been hospitalized.
    But, I must say that we have come a very long way about having the communication out to restaurants and a much wider availability and variety grocery store products out there to purchase to feed your celiac child as it was 62 years ago when my mother tried to take care of a 2 year old child -me. Thank youfor all you do!

  21. Our local Subway in Woodland, Washington, offers gluten free sandwiches. Unfortunately, the gluten free bread is baked in the same over alongside gluten containing bread. Not good. I have celiac and decided that the chance for cross contamination is too great at our local Subway. The employee was very helpful explaining to me that they do not have a separate area for ingredients or handling of meat and cheeses used for the sandwiches – cross contamination issue again. For those with celiac who are in a support group such as GIG or celiac sprue association, your local group may have access to any Subway in your area that has separate oven for GF bread, and special handling of meats and cheeses or other items that might be issues for cross contamination. Also, just because we do not become sick from gluten, our small intestines can receive injury from consuming gluten. Travel on, friends with celiac.

  22. I am a Celiac and I eat at Subways all over Dallas, TX. The help there always puts on gloves (plastic), takes a bun from the refrigerator and takes out a large piece of paper to handle the bun on. They unwrap the bun, cut is open with a new plastic knife. They put what you want on the sandwich as to vegetables. They wrap it up and put it in the sack. They have lots of chips, some we cannot eat. I get baked potato chips. It is good, but it is no where near the size of the foot long or even half of that. I have never gotten sick.

  23. Dang..we need some here in California ,my mother has Celiac and acid felux..and there isn’t much she can eat,she always has to bring her special food where ever she goes ,same thing over & over boring,i feel so bad for her or anyone that has these disorders & has to eat this way Please Subway bring the Gluten Free food to California HURRY WE NEED YOU !!!! lol..

  24. Great! So, let me get this straight… In order for us to get access to gluten-free Subway, we first have to prove we would buy gluten-free Subway…which we don’t have access to? Sounds like a no-win catch 22 to me.


  26. Changing gloves is not enough. They put their contaminated hands in ALL of the ingredients. ALL of the ingredients have crumbs in them from touching bread. They would have to open a fresh container of anything used on the sandwich to make it work, or use utensils instead of their hands in making ALL of the sandwiches. Chipotle does this for me when I go there–open up a fresh container of cheese so that I do not get the contaminated cheese, for example.

  27. In trying to find a source for gluten-free bread, I phoned a local Vegan
    restaurant that also has an in-house bakery. The owner told me they had offered breads & pastries for their restaurant for years.. using spelt,
    but would have to charge $20. a loaf (!!) for gluten-free??? I was dumb
    founded.. but, not surprised. Unfortunately, even the ‘in-the-know’ see ‘it’ as a new trend worth higher prices. I can’t believe the cost of the ingredients and the resulting smaller loaf offered should be any more than a regular loaf of bakery fresh bread!

  28. Several have mentioned cross-contamination and I am wondering the same thing. They make the sandwich ahead of mine, dip there glutened hand into all the ingredients and how does my sandwich not get contaminated from that? If they have a separate line I’m all in – but until then it is not worth it to me.

  29. I live in Clermont Fl and there are very few earteries that offer fguten free foods. I even emailed Panera Bread because my husband enjoys eating there. Many food servers don’t even know what I am asking for. I was diagnosed with Crohns Disease nearly two years ago and was told to follow the gluten- free diet and lactose- free diet as well. I am able to find some food in our Publix supermarket and Whole Foods Market. I really like Udi’s bread. I am also able to buy Boar’s Head meats and one type of swiss cheese for sandwiches. No processed meat or read meat for me. I have also found several cereals.

  30. Does anyone know if staff members are also being trained to avoid cross contamination? I would suggest avoiding Subway until you speak with a manager and get a good look at how they prepare the sandwiches. I have a hard time believing they can avoid cross contamination if they make the sandwiches in the same area as normal menu items.

    Fast food restaurants like that are usually pretty messy and unless they have a separate area with a well trained and knowledgable staff, I’m not gonna get too excited.

  31. I would love to have the option of going to subway!!! i love the sandwiches! but the bread doesn’t like me…so i switched to salads…when you go out with others and they can go anywhere…subway works!…but i would love the sandwich option once again!!! PLEASE come to NEW KENT, VIRGINIA!!! one grateful celiac!!!

  32. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE. Bring gluten free Subway to Columbus, Mississippi. I am dying for Subway.

  33. when i went to the Stafford TX outlet and asked the person behind the counter: “are any of the bread choices sugar and gluten free?”
    her disinterested response?
    “i dont know”
    (i suppose the concluding part of the sentence was: “and i dont care, either”)
    there’s another Subway equidistant from my house to this useless store

  34. Please bring gluten free bread to Lafayette, La.
    We have a gluten free bakery and it is great success.
    I sure do miss my Subways.


  35. I am 16 and never home to make a GF homemade meal……i have a subway very close to home,……my life would be soooo much less complicated if subway had a gluten free sandwitch. that way when my family eats out i dont have to get a tiny patty with a slice of cheese from mcdonalds….i could have a real meal……so please please please send a GF subway to Westernport MD!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. I would have thought you would have premiered the gluten free products in California. We are probably the most concerned state that worries and is concerned about healthy products. While i do not have the disease I prefer gluten free products from a health point and i feel a lot better since i have been on this way of life. i love subway and miss it due to ne gluten free bread in this area. get here soon.

  37. My daughter has been celiac from 3years old and even being that young she still struggles with the Celiac disease I find the kids Always Tease her about her food and she always says mom why do I have to have Celiac disease and no one else has it in are family … So I find that she cheats on her Diet alot when I’m not around …… So subway I really hope you come to Airdrie Alberta , Canada she loves subway and would live on it if her body would let her so please please come to Canada soon . Pizza 73 even has gluten free pizza so it’s nice we r getting more and more options everyday :).

  38. The statement that all Subways in Oregon have GF is still NOT 100% true, even though this article is dated 3 years ago. I lived in Oregon until late 2014, and although all the locations in the Portland area that I’ve visited had GF, I would sometimes find locations in Eastern Oregon that didn’t. As late as September 2014 I asked for GF at the Subway in John Day, OR, and the staff looked at me like I was from another planet.

    That said, staff members at the locations with GF items ARE trained in how to avoid x-contamination. When I’d go in and order a GF sandwich, they’d make a big fuss of wiping down the counters, changing gloves, having the same staffer follow the sandwich down the line. I understand this is necessary for Celiac and Type I allergy sufferers, but as a Type II allergy sufferer (not life threatening, but I still get skin rashes and digestive distress from gluten) it is overkill for me, as I’m not that sensitive to small amounts of cross-contamination. Unfortunately this is sometimes difficult to explain: when I say I just need the GF bun and they don’t need to take the extra steps, I often get “oh, so you’re not allergic?” … well, yes I AM, but not in the sense that you were trained for.

    So for those who are really sensitive, it’s probably a good thing.

  39. You should bring these to Rochester mn we need more options I am stuck with chipotle and that is about it and it is where mayo clinic is and also they have plans for huge expansion and even a light rail there are so many people who would give you more than enough business

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