Any time we post about Subway’s growing gluten-free options, we get a lot of comments that say, “Hey Subway! Come to my town!”

For some of you, today is your lucky day. Well, actually, your lucky day was some time in the not-too-distant past — today’s just the day we’re posting about it.

Subway has made two big announcements regarding their gluten-free offerings.

The first:

All Subway stores across the state of Oregon will now have gluten-free options.

Why did Oregon “win” this special treat? Gluten-free Portland has an excerpt from the press release, which explains that during testing, Oregon stores sold the most gluten-free sandwiches. Logical enough — if I were a gigantic sandwich-selling corporation, I’d go to the places with the most buyers first, too.

The Statesman Journal, whose photo of Subway’s gluten-free buns graces this blog post, confirms that all of Oregon now has access to safe sandwiches and brownies.

I said there were two big announcements, though. What’s the other?

As you might have guessed, it’s two new cities on Subway’s steady march to a gluten-free America. If you live in Duluth, MN or Superior, WI, you too are a gluten-free test market for Subway.

If Oregon is any indication, states will go entirely gluten-free only if the cities that are being tested sell sufficient quantities of GF items. So if you live somewhere near a test market and you’d like to have Subway as an option: stop reading this blog already and go get yourself a sandwich!