Our Best of Gluten-Free Awards: Vote and Win!

It’s that time of year again: Triumph Dining’s Best of Gluten-Free!

This year’s awards are bigger and better. Why bigger? Well, there’s more categories and we need more of your opinions. Why better? For starters: Prizes!

Before I get ahead of myself, though, are you familiar with the Best of Gluten-Free? If not, here’s an introduction from the survey page itself:

Do you think your favorite gluten-free brands and products deserve some recognition? Ever wanted to high-five your favorite gluten-free bread or give your favorite gluten-free cookie a big bear hug?…

The Best of Gluten-Free Awards are designed to select the best gluten-free products available and to give recognition and thanks to the companies that provide them.

But what about those prizes?

The survey consists of 55 questions about your favorite gluten-free cookies, pastas, restaurants, travel and more. We estimate it will take you 10-12 minutes to complete, although you don’t have to finish the entire survey in order to have your vote count.

Simply by finishing the survey, you’ll be entered to win one of a variety of prizes: Amazon Kindle Fires, our favorite Gluten-Free Dining Cards and the new Essential Gluten Free-Baking Guide Part 1, and more! There are more than $2,000 worth of prizes being given out, and 75 winners.

To qualify for entry, you do have to complete the survey. But what if there’s a question you don’t have an answer for (maybe you don’t have a favorite gluten-free pie crust mix, for example)? No worries: you simply select “Other” and write in “none” or “no answer” and everything will be groovy.

Speaking of that “Other” box: we love write-ins! If your favorite isn’t on the candidate list, type it in — if we see a dark horse contender, we’ll revise the survey to include them in the pre-selected choices.

To share the survey with your friends or readers (if you’re a fellow blogger), hop on over to the survey page and pick up some HTML for a badge.

Survey will end on March 1, 2012; prize winners will be announced shortly thereafter and Best Of Gluten-Free winners in the spring.

Remember that leaving your favorites in the comments of this blog won’t count when we are looking for winners for the Best-Of Gluten-Free or the prizes — so head on over to the site, it’s survey time!

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