ImmusanT begins limited production of celiac vaccine in Massachusetts

Almost a year ago, we wrote about a promising new vaccine against celiac disease Nexvax2®, in development in Massachusetts. Now, the company behind the vaccine, ImmusanT, has even more exciting news:

They are manufacturing 9,000 doses of vaccine.

According to this article on, the vaccine will be produced by a local firm, Microtest.

I suspect the vaccine-manufacturing facility does not look like this.

Of the 9,000 doses, a third will be placebos and the remaining 6,000 will be fully-functioning vaccine. ImmusanT plans to use the doses for clinical trials, a crucial step in bringing the drug to market.

The article goes on to discuss ImmusanT CEO Leslie J. Williams’ plans, which include beginning clinical trials within the next few months and — assuming the vaccine operates as expected — making it available to the public in 2017.

Unlike a traditional vaccine, which prevents people from getting sick by giving the body a chance to build up antibodies to the disease in question, Nexvax2® would be administered to people who already have celiac disease. It would, over time, change the immune system so that gluten is no longer recognized as an enemy. In essence, it would desensitize the immune system to gluten, rendering the substances nontoxic.

To read more about the vaccine, have a look at ImmusanT’s website.

What do you think? Would you take a vaccine for your celiac disease?

6 thoughts on “ImmusanT begins limited production of celiac vaccine in Massachusetts”

  1. This is so exciting! I have Celiac and while I would never go back to eating gluten full time, I would have the vaccine in an instant. I was raised by foodie parents, and I miss traveling with ease. I miss being able to eat any dish in any restaurant. Again, I would still avoid it day in and day out, but it would be wonderful to eat out without fear of cross contamination!

  2. I would try the vaccine in an instant. I have been celiac since I was 18 months old and would love to not have to check labels and ingredients for once before sitting down to dinner.

  3. I would love to be on the list to try this vaccine. I would love to eat a “Five Guys Burger and Fries” hamburger again. This would certainly help my grocery bill and not worry about cross-contamination when going out to eat.

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