Yum! If you know where to find them...

The other day I was standing in a recessed doorway, chowing down on a gluten-free, vegan pizza pocket from Gluuteny, a Pittsburgh-based gluten-free bakery. It was delicious.

Not too long before, I was melting butter to pan-fry some pumpkin bread from Delectable Edibles, based in the Orlando area. It, too, was delicious — reminded me of childhood mornings, when my mom used to fry up blueberry muffins.

And then my brother brought home some goodies from the Curtis Street Bakers, which can only be gotten if you’re in the Boston area. Guess what? Delicious. Blondies. YUM.

All of which is to say: there are a LOT of smaller bakeries out there, making a LOT of tasty food. How is a girl to find them all?

Today’s post is less a post than a request: will you tell us your favorite only-in-town, only gluten-free spot?

For all the recipes I post, my favorite gluten-free treats are usually the ones someone else bakes for me. I suspect I’m not alone in this: ingredients are expensive, time is at a premium, and the willpower to not-eat three dozen cookies before they go bad…well let’s just say that wouldn’t be my superpower.

It seems like every week, a new gluten-free bakery opens up somewhere in the country. I’ve already listed some of my favorites, but I’m always on the lookout for somewhere new. What are your local faves?