Genius Bread Expands to Spanish Carrefour

Spain has been on our gluten-free minds a lot lately, most recently because of the gluten-free buns available at McDonald’s and before that simply as a great gluten-free destination.

Now, according to International Supermarket News, Spain is about to get easy access to Genius gluten-free bread. Wahoo!

The hypermarket giant Carrefour is revamping its gluten-free offerings in Spain, and will be stocking the bread in 350 stores across Spain as of the end of March. (quick aside: a hypermarket is a combination department store / supermarket, for example Wal-Mart).

As Genius’ own blog post explains, this is the fourth international destination for the UK brand: in additional to its impending arrival in Spain, the bread is available in the UK, and also in the Republic of Ireland, Canada and the US. Here in North America the bread is produced by Glutino, but presumably the bread available in Spain will be produced directly by Genius Foods Ltd.

It’s worth noting that this is by no means the first gluten-free bread to show up in Spain; celiac travelers will find plenty of gluten-free options in most any supermarket, and also in the Herbolarios, or health food shops. For more ideas on traveling to Spain, have a look at the Asociatión de Celíacos de Madrid’s helpful English website.


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