Triumph Dining Releases The Essential Gluten-Free Baking Guide

We’ve been busy over here at Triumph Dining!

Well, OK, let’s be real. I personally have been busy eating delicious things. Brittany Angell and Iris Higgins have been busy working.

These two blogger extraordinaire, who you might remember from our Recipe Fridays in December, have joined forces to create The Essential Gluten-Free Baking Guide, a two-part resource that takes the mystery out of gluten-free baking.

The two-part series, available now on (and soon directly from our site), have something to offer everyone. To borrow from the press release, the series “teaches people of all skill levels how to use alternative flours, unrefined sugars, and other healthful ingredients to achieve a taste and texture comparable to the “real thing.” The books offer over 100 gluten, dairy, and soy-free recipes, as well as hundreds of tips for both new and experienced gluten-free bakers.”

If you’ve ever noticed that not all gluten-free flours are created alike — what works great for gluten-free muffins may be a disaster when it comes to gluten-free pizza, and what plays nicely with soy flour may fight with coconut — this book is for you. Each chapter is geared around a wheat substitute: coconut, almond, etc. Once the basics of the flour have been explained, recipes are presented as are tips for building your own recipes — perfect for learning how to adapt you (formerly) favorite gluten-full treats. Because we know that people who avoid gluten also often need to avoid other food items, The Essential Gluten-Free Baking Guide also has steps and alterations to accomodate a vegan diet, or food allergies (corn, soy, etc.).

Jumping back to the press release, now, the authors found their inspiration in frustration (as so many of us do). “One of the biggest challenges with gluten-free cooking is getting the dish to look and taste like we’re used to,” says co-author Brittany Angell. “While developing these books, we’ve gone to great lengths to understand how different flours work and to present this information clearly, so we can empower people to substitute wheat flour with results that both look and taste incredible.” “The Essential Gluten-Free Baking Guide isn’t only for people with wheat allergies,” adds co-author Iris Higgins. “No matter your food sensitivity, the guide will help you develop a baking style that fits your needs and your lifestyle. The books are also great for people who need to adapt their diet for diabetes management, weight loss, and healthier eating in general.”

The Essential Gluten-Free Baking Guide Part 1 and The Essential Gluten-Free Baking Guide Part 2 are available in paperback for $16.95 each from • Part 1Part 2.

The Essential Gluten-Free Baking Guide is also available in eBook format for Kindle, iPhone / iPad, and Nook.

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