Maninis Multiuso Multi-Purpose Flour Mix

The Maninis folks sent me a big box of their mixes and also some cookies made with this gluten-free flour. The chocolate chip cookies were great; there was no sacrifice made for them to be gluten-free.

The product offerings are worth checking out. The company manufacturers Certified Gluten-Free mixes and pasta for both the commercial and home baker. Its rice-free products are made with native, minimally processed ancient grains and are produced in 50 lb bags for foodservice and 5 lb bags for the consumer retail market. There is no bio-engineering used to produce them and both its Washington state kitchen and blending facility have been certified by the Gluten Intolerance Group. Impressive.

I sent the flour off to Brittany Angell, who wrote the Essential Gluten-Free Baking Guide. Watch for some of her recipes on this blog in the coming months.

5 thoughts on “Maninis Multiuso Multi-Purpose Flour Mix”

  1. As more people try their products, they will find this stuff is the best! Their bread mixes are by far the best gluten-free bread out there. I make 1-2 loaves a week using their Peasant bread mix in my bread machine. Takes me about 5-6 minutes to get it going and a few hours later, I have this delicious bread. My in-laws were here recently (they eat gluten) and RAVED about this bread and enjoyed sandwiches on it every day.

  2. What Peasant bread mix is “Michelle” referring to? I have only tried making GF bread twice and didn’t have much luck. If someone knows of a great mix, please post it. If you see this Michelle, please let me know what you use. Thanks.

    I was diagnosed with celiac 4 years ago @ age 62. My numbers have finally come down to less than 3. However, I still have major digestive problems. Any suggestions?

  3. Shirley, once my daughter got off gluten and her intestines started healing she strted having major digestive tract problems. The main 2 culprits for her were EGGS, which before she ate with no problem, and BEEF. Maybe one of those things cause your problems.

  4. I have had amazing results with both the multi purpose for bread, pizza ( to die for) and cookies. The pasta blend was out of this world. We made fettuccine noodles and regular spaghetti noodles, using both the roller type pasta maker as well as the one that extrudes it on my Kitchenaid. The flavor and texture are amazing. Super easy to work with, no more “sticky” dough. Looking forward to making Ravioli this weekend.

  5. Hello Michelle, Do you use the same recipe as what’s on the regular bread loaf recipe even when you use your bread machine?

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