Transitioning from a Gluten-rich to a Gluten-free Lifestyle

By Zach (our newest Triumph Dining blogger!)

Life is full of all kinds of surprises and unwanted stresses, but transitioning from a gluten-rich life to gluten-free lifestyle does not have to be one of them. There are many people who have made the switch to a gluten-free lifestyle due to health issues or for their personal interest. Fortunately enough, there have also been people who have left behind tricks of the trade to smooth out the experience for future switchers. We have three tips here for you that can be easily implemented into your daily routine to help sharpen your skills for your gluten sensitivities.

Tip #1: Reflect on which foods you like that are naturally gluten-free.

Stock up on foods that are naturally gluten-free so you can integrate them into each one of your meals without dreading over what your main course is going to be. Most people don’t know, but naturally gluten-free foods encompass a fairly large spectrum of options. Such options include, but are not limited to: roasted chicken, grilled steak, fish, lamb, all fruits and vegetables, milk, eggs, some yogurts and even some snack foods like Cheetos. Nobody said going gluten-free had to be a turn for the worse!

Tip #2: Start getting rid of gluten foods and products in your pantry and fridge.

This step might discourage you at first, as you’ll be forced to toss out long-loved foods and indulgences, but it will be for the best! Staring at foods you can’t eat everyday is just torture to yourself, which is not what being gluten-free is about. This step does not have to be full-blown in the beginning, but the gluten foods in your house should slowly decrease with every trip you make to the grocery store. If you live with some who eats foods with gluten, you can designate a gluten-free only cabinet for yourself to reduce your exposure to these foods.

Tip #3 Think about your gluten-free lifestyle as liberating, not restricting.

When first starting any new dietary regimen, half of the battle is psychological. Having a positive outlook and setting weekly goals are two major ingredients in keeping a strong mental posture with your new pursuit. Try looking at transitioning from a gluten-rich life to a gluten-free lifestyle as liberating phase of your life that will bring a new-and-improved version of yourself.

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