Simply7 Hummus & Lentil Chips

By Leslie

The 7 in Simply7 stands for the seven core standards that the company wants its chips to live up to. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about the products!

The company’s Hummus chips come in three flavors: sea salt, tomato basil and spicy chili pepper. Why hummus chips?
Because the chickpea has a large amount of protein, fiber and important minerals. The tomato basil was my favorite.

The company’s Lentil chips come in sea salt, creamy dill and bruschetta flavors. I liked the creamy dill the best. Why lentil chips? The legume is a staple in many cuisines worldwide and is loaded with protein and iron, and is lacking in sodium, fat and calories.

You can buy these crunchy treats on and in select stores in the US. Click here for more information.

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