By Zach

Allergen Alert

Recently, Jelly Belly released their Peter Rabbit Deluxe Easter Mix that was stamped as “Gluten-Free.” However, according to the California Department of Public Health, Jelly Belly has put into effect a nationwide recall of this product because the malt milk eggs contain wheat.

When asked about this health issue Jelly Belly replied, “We found the error very early in the distribution and recalled the product immediately.”

For future reference, usually Jelly Belly candies are “Gluten-Free,” but this particular bag is mixed with products that are not jelly beans, which have canceled the “Gluten-Free” friendliness of them.

Specific Recall Details

Assortment: Peter Rabbit Deluxe Easter Mix “Gluten-Free” Candies

Size: 2.7 ounce bags

UPC number: 071567992794


Lot codes of:

11111, with Best Before date of January 11, 2013

111215, with Best Before date of February 15, 2013

Lot code 120120, with Best Before date of March 20, 2013