St. Patrick’s Day, the Gluten-Free Way

Green Lizard
This dude (or dudette) is clearly getting into the St. Patrick's spirit!

Ahh, St. Patrick’s Day. We’re all Irish tomorrow, they say, and Irish or not it’s a fun time of year.

Fun fact: did you know that St. Patrick is the patron saint of paralegals and engineers? It’s true; the Internet told me so.

Whether or not you are in fact Irish, and/or a paralegal, and/or an engineer, there’s plenty of ways to join the festivities.

Below the jump, some of our favorite tidbits from St. Patrick’s Days past, as well as some of the web’s best, greenest, brightest, Patrickest, gluten-freeist ideas for 2012!
In 2010 we gave recipes for everything from corned beef and cabbage to gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free chicken pot pie.
Not to be outdone, our 2011 roundup found gluten-free soda and potato breads, gluten-free corning spice mixes for beef, and a photograph of a gorilla.

And this year? Well, ladies and gents, we’ve got:

10 suggestions for a happy St. Pat’s from the folks at New Planet Beer — who are also giving away free stuff!

Green eggs, a Ginger Cilantro Green Shake, and more from the always gluten-free, always delicious Elana’s Pantry

Ideas for stew and thoughts on gluten in whiskey and beer from

Traditional recipes made vegan and gluten-free from The Peaceful Kitchen

And last but not least, a moister, less-crumbly gluten-free treacle soda bread from Jules Gluten Free. Bonus: it’s also dairy, soy, nut and egg-free!

How are you planning to celebrate St. Pat’s? Does your local bar carry gluten-free beer, or will you be toasting at home?

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