New for You: Gluten-Free Grocery Guide Updated Edition (and Kindle!)

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, there’s also a good chance that you have one (or more) of our products in your home. Maybe the Gluten-Free Restaurant Guide, to help you locate a restaurant trained in helping gluten-free diners. Or our Gluten-Free Dining Cards, for those times when you need to be extra-sure the kitchen understands your needs (in any language).

But here’s one thing I bet you don’t have: the latest edition of our world-renowned Gluten-Free Grocery Guide, just released in print and on Kindle.

What’s in the Grocery Guide, you ask? Why get the fifth edition? Read on, gentle reader.
Since 2005, the Gluten-Free Grocery Guide has been helping people celiac disease (or any other reason for a gluten-free diet) navigate the confusing aisles of their local grocery store. With more than 44,000 different items — all gluten-free, national brands and store brands — listed inside the book, you’ll be able to shop with confidence from applesauce to ziti.

Each item in the book has been carefully researched and coded with easy-to-read symbols indicating whether or not a company tests for gluten, uses dedicated gluten-free lines, trains staff on good practices to avoid cross-contamination, etc. We’ve also included an updated overview of safe grocery shopping: how to choose a grocery store for the best-possible experience, common pitfalls while shopping, what the US’s current laws regarding food labeling mean, etc.

This edition, our fifth, not only features updated information on existing products, but a host of new products for you to try.

The book is 280 pages jam-packed with information (and available on our website, both on its own and combined with other goodies). But, you can also purchase the Gluten-Free Grocery Guide for use on your Amazon Kindle.

Are you a Gluten-Free Grocery Guide user? What new products have you discovered from your guide?

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  1. I do not have a kindle. I do have an ipod touch and purchased your grocery app from the store. Are you also updating the app on apple?

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