By Zach

The Exciting Launch

Having just hit the Oregon bar scene this past Monday (April 2nd), Omission Beer is a barley-brewed gluten-free beer that was launched by the Craft Brew Alliance, which is brewed by Widmer Brothers Brewing in Portland, OR. The CEO of the Craft Brew Alliance, Terry Michaelson, shared a few thoughts on the fervency and inspiration for this new brand of Omission beer, “Developing great-tasting, authentic craft beers that happen to be gluten-free was a personal mission for our brewmaster and me, and it’s a mission that our team really got behind. The launch of Omission Beer is a game changer for Celiacs and the craft beer community. As a 12-year celiac and longtime craft beer enthusiast, I’m thrilled to introduce delicious craft beers that can be enjoyed equally by those who are affected by gluten sensitivities and those who are not.”

Mastering the Craft of Gluten-Free Beer

Creatively, most gluten-free beers are brewed with alternative reactants such as quinoa, tapioca, rice or even buckwheat. Taste-wise, these brewing techniques usually don’t hinder or disrupt the great experience of drinking gluten-free beers, though it’s a subjective opinion, but the underlying challenge for brewers is to replicate the authentic richness of traditional beer while still supplying a gluten-free work of art. Given the brand name, Omission beer definitely omits gluten, but does not omit the valuable components of yeast, hops, water and malted barley, which traditional brews of beer are made with.

Lab-tested Assurance 

Omission beer was perfected using stringent brewing methods to reduce its gluten level to well under the international standard of
20 parts per million for consumption goods. To assure gluten-sensitive customers, each batch of Omission beer is rigorously tested in labs by independent experts to guarantee that its gluten levels are safe for its Celiac clientele.

Exclusive to Oregon, But The Ball’s Rolling

Even though Omission’s gluten-free beer is currently exclusive to Oregon markets, it’s exciting to know that the ball is rolling for well-crafted gluten-free beer options. There aren’t many obstacles that can stand in the way of a Celiac getting their hands on a gluten-free indulgence, especially when they’re craving the smooth and fizz-satisfying taste of a relaxing gluten-free beer. Unfortunately, the world of gluten-fused beers exponentially outweighs the world of gluten-free beers. However, gluten-free enthusiasts like the Craft Brew Alliance and Widmer Brothers Brewing have orchestrated a great gluten-free masterpiece so as to not compromise beer’s integral ingredients, which can only be sweet, sweet music to the gluten-free beer drinker’s ears.