There's more than just edamame on the menu!

P.F. Chang’s has long earned brownie points amongst the gluten-free community for their careful gluten-free menu: not only are there lots of options, but all gluten-free dishes go on special plates to avoid accidental mishaps.

Now, they’re poised to gain even more brownie points. According to a press release from earlier this week, their lunch menu has expanded —  combo plates served with soup or salad for less than $10 — and a special April-only Facebook app that gives people chances to win gift cards. Enough of the choices for the combo plate are gluten-free (or can be made gluten-free) to make choosing your meal a difficult task.

Perhaps even more exciting, the gluten-free menu has grown!

New items on the gluten-free menu include a Vietnamese Crab Salad, Caramel Mango Chicken, Lemon Scented Brussels Sprouts, and Crab Fried Rice. There are also two “former favorites” making a grand re-entry: Dali Chicken, and Philip’s Better Lemon Chicken.

You can read the full menu here — just click “gluten-free” at the top of the menu.

Two related notes:

1) Did you know that P.F. Chang’s also has a lower-priced / more everyday offshoot called Pei Wei Asian Diner? Not so surprisingly, they also have a very well-established gluten-free menu.

2) Looking for more gluten-free restaurants? Why not check out our handy-dandy gluten-free restaurant guide? There’s sure to be something in your neighborhood to tickle your taste-buds.