Put the Spring Back in Your Step with a Gluten-Free Exercise Diet

By Bridget

As springtime is upon us in full bloom with the beginning of April, many people re-visit their exercise regimens. This involves taking things up a notch with increasing mileage and intensity, and even setting goals to complete triathlons and half- or full-marathons! One of the toughest questions that comes with increased training is, “What can someone eat who is living gluten-free?”  Carbo-loading just doesn’t have the same meaning when pasta dinners and endless bread baskets would put you out of the race (not in it).

 Recently, race events have included Larabars and Kind Bars in their swag bags as pre-race snacks. These sources of energy are a great combination of fat, protein, and a little carbohydrate to get you going without pouring gluten-laden granola into your system. Bananas are another long-time toted snack that give you great energy and potassium, which will actually help your body cut down on cramping during training.

Another big piece of news worth noting in the gluten-free community is that Gu, the sugary sports gel that is a favorite among endurance athletes for during-race energy fill, is gluten-free! On their website, Gu ensures customers that all of their Energy Lab products are gluten-free – which is encouraging news for Celiac’s who want to train without running the risk of adverse reaction on the course or field!

As for recovery, the combination of protein and fat has actually been promoted among the nutrition community. Focusing on energy intake from fats and proteins help to rebuild and repair muscle cells that have been put under pressure during training. This lean away from carbohydrates is reassuring to us gluten-free folk, as protein and fat inherently does not have gluten! So reach for some chocolate milk, yogurt, or almonds and cashews – your body will feel well-served!

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