Deerfields Bakery: Dreamy Treats For Gluten-Free Peeps

By Zach

No matter what diet, eating habit, or culture someone studies, there’s usually some type of sweet that can either bring people together, compliment a nice meal or just satisfy one’s sweet tooth. Looking at treats in this light makes the craving for sugary substances almost seem innate, and just because one has been diagnosed with Celiac disease or obeys a gluten-free lifestyle doesn’t mean their mouth waters any less or their eyes don’t dilate when a succulent batch of cookies shows up on the table or cake is served at a special occasion.

It is in this realm of no-touching torment that bakeries like Illinois’ Deerfield Bakery have risen to the calling to provide gluten-free eaters the opportunity to indulge in their saliva-inducing desserts or eye-bulging treats. Deerfield Bakery’s gluten-free menu contains a piquant spectrum of saccharine goodies and wholesome grains that can certainly excite gluten-sensitive consumers.

“Day Dreams are the real deal,” as printed on their menu, “dreamy white chocolate chip and chocolate chips nestled in a brownie cookie.” Honest to goodness, they are the real deal. The melting of fresh chocolate combined with the soft cookie dough is truly a batch made in heaven. Mouth watering yet? Their Lemon Buttons are made with fresh lemons and drizzled with rich lemon icing. The cookie’s flavor has a great zing to it – not as pungent as most lemon bars, but still confidently zesty.

The cakes that they crank out are decadently delicious. This was my first time experiencing gluten-free cake, and let me tell you, their devil’s food, white-buttercream frosting, chocolate-ganauch filling cake was definitely an incredible introduction. I hardly know where to start. Cutting into the ornately flowered icing and seeing all these rich layers is enough to spike your adrenaline. The first awaited bite holds so much expectation and the sweet, sweet savoriness of the mixture of textures and tang effortlessly delivers a signal to the pleasure centers of the brain stamped with satisfaction. Don’t worry, if this combo doesn’t automatically appeal to you because they also offer a yellow cake and raspberry filling for all you lovers of fruit-based desserts.

Mini baguettes, stuffing cubes, dinner rolls, bread loaves and granola are all readily available grains that Deerfields Bakery also keeps in stock. Their baguettes are fluffy, their rolls have a nice, crispy outside with a soft inside, their loaves are hearty and their granola comes in appetizing assortments of almond cherry, chocolate chip and vanilla maple. Their granola is all natural with no trans fats, and their bread products are also egg-free and dairy-free. Collectively, one shouldn’t have a problem enjoying breakfast lunch and dinner.

When a gluten-free eater has a company like Deerfields Bakery that they can trust and count on (like a good mechanic), then they’ve won half the battle. Craving sweet and bready foods doesn’t have to be discouraging. It just takes some time to find the right resources while discovering your dietary desires and then you’ll find it’s all just a piece a cake for you to eat.

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