By Zach

What if we were to tell you that gluten-free is no longer just a rising demand in the food industry, but one that is tiptoeing its way into the $1 billion cosmetic industry as well? Well, its true. Just like nutrition enthusiasts demand more detailed descriptions about nutrition facts and ingredients, “A growing number of people are demanding the same thing of their cosmetics,” says Kristi Krueger of Local 10 news in Florida.

Gluten-free consumers are now requesting everything from lotions to lipstick to be labeled in a more easy-to-read fashion for their own health benefits. Although gluten-free makeup and skin care products certainly aren’t as much of a hot topic as gluten-free foods, there has certainly been measures taken to cater to customers who are sensitive to gluten-containing beauty products. Research in this area is still in its cocoon stage, but companies like Afterglow Cosmetics and Jane Iredale are definitely responding to their clientele’s wishes.

As one can understand, people who don’t want any kind of gluten in their food are just as likely to not want it anywhere on their skin. Some of the hottest beauty products today are those that are guaranteeing wheat-free and gluten-free products on the shelves. Lipstick is a huge concern for customers who are severely intolerant to gluten as lipstick has the likelihood of becoming ingested, in turn being dangerous to the individual. The same concept can be applied to toothpaste, gum or any other items that can ultimately be harmful if swallowed due to traces of gluten.

On the other hand, it should be noted, that not every skin irritation from beauty products like makeup and moisturizers are caused by gluten ingredients. Dr. Mark Nester, a dermatologist from Skin and Cancer Associates, suggests that other ingredients such as formaldehyde and silicone are also standard causes of rashes and break outs, as well as the common mistake of using expired cosmetics.

Of course, there’s always going to be those skeptical people out there that think the gluten-free phenomena is just going to be another way for a billion-dollar industry to take advantage of people’s hypochondria, but there really seems to be a serious need for people with gluten intolerance to feel fairly treated and not ostracized due to their genetics. So for all you advocates of gluten-free cosmetics and clearer labeling of ingredients, demand your gluten-free makeup and be proud of your own genetic makeup!