Hidden Valley Broadcasts Gluten-Free Items

Exciting news from our friends at Hidden Valley!

Coming soon to a store near you, there’s going to be one fewer thing hiding in your shopping cart. According to this press release, those salad dressings and mixes which are gluten-free will be clearly labeled as such thanks to new packaging.

This isn’t a reformulation of any products – neither ingredients nor manufacturing practices are changing – but a, “stronger and clearer assurance to the growing number of people who are seeking gluten-free products.” While the new packaging will be rolled out shortly, you might not see it in your local store for a while. This is OK; any of their products that have traditionally been gluten-free (but unlabeled) will still be safe.

The new labels will include a yellow and green icon like the one in the image here.

While the company’s products are not certified by any outside gluten-free certification bodies at this time, the release goes on to say that:

facilities manufacturing Hidden Valley® products have stringent allergen control programs to prevent cross-contamination and all of the products listed as gluten free undergo scheduled testing to ensure that the quality of the claim matches the quality of the products.

As part of the initiative, Hidden Valley has also announced a partnership with the Celiac Disease Foundation and launched a section of their website full of gluten-free ideas. The website includes lots of kid-friendly ideas for meals and snacks, and family-friendly ideas for meals that can be frozen, dinner swap options, and more.

To see a complete list of Hidden Valley’s gluten-free options, visit the product listings on their website – or just check your Gluten-free Grocery Guide!

If you’re a Hidden Valley fan, what’s your favorite of their products? Any fun recipes or wacky ways to use their Ranch dressing? Tell us about them in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Hidden Valley Broadcasts Gluten-Free Items”

  1. Great but WHY does it have MSG?! That’s gotta change! I couldn’t believe it when I read the label and saw it. Yikes! No good! Anybody know if that’s coming out too?!

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