Gluten-Free Treats Worthy of a WOW!

WOW Baking Company turned me on to gluten-free morsels within one bite of trying their cookies. This is a bold statement, but one I am proudly willing to make. I was ordering coffee at a local shop in Seattle and had a sugary craving that refused to cease. After glancing over at the cookie selection and seeing the giant, fluffy WOW Cookies, I could not resist putting my taste buds to the test. This experiment would prove to permanently change my perception of gluten-free sweets (and cuisine, in general).

Using premium, all natural ingredients and baking their products in small batches, the Pacific Northwest-based company has re-defined the taste of a gluten-free treat. They pride themselves on always using real butter, vanilla, and organic cane juice and never using hydrogenated oils, refined sugars, artificial flavors or (of course) wheat and gluten. It seems as if they realized that the gluten-free community was sick and tired of saying, “This is really good for being gluten-free.” They aimed to discover a way to produce postprandial thoughts that left out the “for being gluten-free” and succeeded admirably as WOW products are just plain good (period).

To our delight, WOW Baking was generous enough to send a variety of samples to Triumph Dining. Thankfully and surprisingly, there were some of their sweets I had yet to try/devour. Their moist and chewy Peanut Butter Cookies and unbelievably fluffy Lemon Burst Cookies have been always been two favorites of mine… until I dug into their legendary Chocolate Brownies. These fresh, unfathomably soft brownies are loaded with the perfect amount of gooey chocolate and flawlessly compliment a hot cup of coffee. Having a party soon? Serve these scrumptious, chocolaty bites of heaven to your guests. I promise that none of them (including the kids) will ever be able to guess that they are completely free of gluten and wheat.

WOW Baking currently sells their products at easily accessible retailers such as: Amazon Fresh, ebar, Fred Meyer, Metropolitan Market, Whole Foods, and many more. Can’t find WOW at your local store? They sell their delicious products on their website in single servings, bagged cookies, or bakery tubs (that are dangerously easy to finish in one sitting). They also have a knack for shipping their treats out quickly! The company’s love for baking truly shows through their high-quality, gluten-free products. After trying some of these sweet delights, you will inevitably be left saying, “WOW.”


4 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Treats Worthy of a WOW!”

  1. We just found a bread and buns at walmart. It is from Europe originaly and my daughter swears it is the most tastful and softest bread. It’s called Schar or someting like that and is found over by the health food section where they keep some of the gluten free products. It was not found by the regular bread. It is a bit pricey but no more than any other gluten free bread products.

  2. I was lucky to discover this company early on and LOVE LOVE LOVE that I can find them at so many Tully’s locations as well as Fred Meyer and of course my local GF market. They are truly awesome at what they do!

  3. I agree the WOW cookies are awesome, I cannot stop eating. Finally something that taste so good.

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