Breaking News (Sort of)! FDA Sets Timeline for Gluten-Free Legislation

Some pretty exciting news for you today! Thanks to for breaking the story: the FDA has, it seems, put their money where their mouth is regarding a timeline out for pending legislation on gluten-free labeling.

According to the post, the FDA, “is gathering data to respond to calls for an ‘alternative approach’ to determining a specific gluten threshold level other than the proposed level of under 20 parts per million gluten as one of the criteria to define the term ‘gluten-free.’” Furthermore, the post notes that the FDA intends to finalize their decisions by the end of the fiscal year (2012).

Hooray! Maybe! What does this mean?

The post cites this page from (the American Celiac Disease Alliance), who have undertaken the immense task of skimming through the FDA’s Justification of Estimates for Appropriations Committees. They found reference to our beloved gluten-free labeling on page 138 (what the link in this paragraph will take you to). So the news still bears reading with a grain of salt: it isn’t a formal, public notification of anything new. But, it’s encouraging to note that all the fuss last year was not for naught: we are making progress towards gluten-free legislation.

As always, we’ll keep you posted on any news from the FDA as soon as it becomes available. In the meantime, hang in there kittens! Your Gluten-Free Grocery Guide (whether app or print) can help you navigate the aisles of your local supermarket, and certification agencies like the GIG’s GFCO and CSA’s Recognition Seal are featured on oodles of products.

For a really clear overview of gluten-free legislation as it stands today, as well as the different requirements of the different certification agencies and the points in production that can be worrisome from a cross-contamination perspective, have a look at The Liberated Kitchen‘s recent post.

Happy weekend everyone!

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