Here’s to Supporting and Enjoying National Celiac Awareness Month

By Zach

As most of you may know, May is National Celiac Disease Awareness Month. In honor of this close-to-home celebration, we’d like to share a few tidbits about what’s going on in America regarding this exciting movement and also some great ways you can show your support for this cause. Also, to pay tribute to our faithful followers, we are dishing out some great offers and giveaways throughout this month, so make sure you stay tuned.

To start, we thought you’d find it interesting to know that some studies are tracing Celiac Disease back to prehistoric time periods and more concretely in the 1st century CE. Additionally, May hasn’t been the only month to promote the gluten-intolerant ailment. October was also a month to pay homage as National. Celiac Disease Awareness Month, but, in more recent years, both Europe and North America have recognized May as the predominant month, which is probably good because it seems like Halloween would overshadow October and steal all of Celiac Awareness’ thunder.

When we take a big-picture look at the status of this gluten-sensitive salutation, there have been a number of states that have commemorated the month of May as National Celiac Awareness Month by passing resolutions. Oregon, New York, North Carolina and Ohio are just a few states that have rallied together to ratify this act at the legislative level. California and Minnesota’s congresspersons have also risen to the call and declared May as National Celiac Disease Awareness Month.

With this kind of backing from such bigwig institutions, the impetus and fervor for National Celiac Disease Awareness Month should be on an upswing. To keep the momentum and inspiration strong, we’ve garnered a list of ways you can show your patriotism and promotion. Remember, every little bit goes a long way. Just because it’s a small gesture doesn’t mean it’s a wasted one that goes unnoticed.

Check out all the fun and creative ideas below and get started tomorrow:

  • Volunteer at a Celiac Awareness Expo/Walk/Run
  • Listen to a Radio Show/Podcast about gluten-free lifestyles
  • Bake some gluten-free meals or treats for your non-gluten-free friends
  • Sign up for Lectures or Conferences within your community
  • Offer your Services or Creative Talents to a Celiac cause
  • Donate to a Celiac Disease Charity
  • Write a persuasive letter to your governor/congressperson
  • Introduce people to the Gluten-Free Challenge (a gluten-free weekend)
  • Support your local gluten-free bakery or restaurant
  • Buy Celiac Awareness Merchandise online or in-store

4 thoughts on “Here’s to Supporting and Enjoying National Celiac Awareness Month”

  1. I have ordered your 2 books, gluten free restaurants in the states, and GF name brand products. I am so grateful, and have used both alot. Thank you so much.

    Lynne Hamilton

  2. We really like the gluten free grocery book. It is organized really well! My mom even keeps a copy at her house so that she can prepare for when we will be eating a meal there.

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