Some Gluten-Free Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

By Zach

Mother’s Day is May 13th, which is just around the corner. There’s a million and a half options to give our mothers this year, but when it comes to candies, brunch, and gestures, what’s the best gift for our gluten-free moms?

First off, we’d like to dedicated this article to our (gluten-free) mothers out there. I’m sure most moms would rather spend sentimental time with their family or receive a card with flower rather than be surprised with a boat load of indulgent food that will make them wish they hadn’t eaten it the day after, but that’s not to say there isn’t room for a little bit of both thoughtful tokens of appreciation.

Okay, enough with the sappy stuff, let’s get down to brass tax about the glutenless gestures and the sticky sweets you can share with your mom this Sunday

• Cook your mother a nice gluten-free meal at home (maybe even breakfast in bed?)

People who are restricted to a gluten-free diet are practically pushed into having to cook a lot of their meals due to safety’s sake. Gluten-free moms and moms of gluten-sensitive children are no different (of course, this also applies to you dads out there, but you’ll have to wait another month for your empathy). If you don’t already know your mom’s favorite food or meal, maybe you can conspire with others who may know. Otherwise, you can just improvise and whip up a meal full of gluten-free goodies that you know she’ll enjoy. It’s a Dinner-fit-for-a-Queen gesture that’s bound to make her feel appreciated. If you go with breakfast in bed, it can be a Breakfast-fit-for-a-Queen gesture.

•  Buy her a box of gluten-free candy

Note: If you’re buying gluten-free chocolates from a store that selling assorted candy and/or boxes of mixed chocolate pieces, sometimes these boxes contain gluten-free options, but because they are packaged and manufactured with gluten-containing products, they may not be safe for all gluten-free consumers.

Also, earlier this year we posted about how Hershey’s nicely gathered all their gluten-free products together and made a list for the community to reference for convenience. Hershey’s gluten-free list might come in handy for this suggestion of boxed chocolates. Jelly Bellys are also a great little treat as most of them are gluten-free (make sure you check the bag though).

• Lavish your mom by taking her to a special restaurant for dinner

Mom’s deserve the best of the best, so why not excite her with something she would never spend on herself. I’m sure not everyone likes to plan out dinner dates, but maybe this time you can plan ahead to make sure you bring your Triumph Dining Cards, choose a restaurant with stringent gluten-free procedures, a menu lush with glutenless guilt, and a fun time around the table that’ll last everyone a lifetime.

Obviously there’s plenty of ways to express your unconditional love and gratitude this Mother’s Day. A little bit goes a long way, so whatever you choose to do, we hope you enjoy it!

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