Chuck-E-Cheese Tests Celiac-Safe Gluten-Free Pizza and Cupcakes

Amid all the hubbub about Domino’s gluten-free (but not celiac-safe) pizza, another very exciting gluten-free offering seems to have gotten a bit lost.

If you’re in Minnesota and have a child, you can now go to Chuck E. Cheese’s and enjoy a celiac-safe gluten-free pizza and gluten-free chocolate cupcake. Hearteningly, Chuck E. Cheese’s is going to extreme effort to ensure that these menu options are safe and uncontaminated.

As the press release explains, “the personal cheese pizza, manufactured by USDA/FDA-approved, gluten-free facility Conte’s Pasta, will arrive to stores in frozen, pre-sealed packaging. The bake-in-bag pizza will remain sealed while cooked and delivered and until opened and served with a personal pizza cutter at families’ tables by the adult in charge.”

There are also single-serving, pre-sealed chocolate fudge cupcakes from Fabe’s All Natural Bakery. You can see both options in the video above, and both are made by GFCO-certified companies.

Kudos to Chuck E. Cheese’s for going above and beyond to ensure a safe experience for all gluten-free children (in Minnesota). As with other test markets, if this one goes well we can expect to see more Chuck E. Cheese locations around the country offering gluten-free pizza and  cupcakes.

Have you tried the pizza? How was it?

19 thoughts on “Chuck-E-Cheese Tests Celiac-Safe Gluten-Free Pizza and Cupcakes”

  1. THIS is the way to do it. Not that it’ll be the best pizza, but who knows?

    I think it’s great, too, that they’re going to let the adult at the table cut and serve the pizza – no risk of a teenage server in plastic gloves that have been touching who knows what coming in and contaminating the food.

    It would be awesome if everyone could be treated the same, and pizza brought to you, but until chains really figure out how to cc-proof their kitchens and service, this is a great step in the right direction!

  2. I realize it takes a great amount of effort and study for a chain to offer safe gluten free foods to its customers. I, for one, appreciate it and seek out these places when we go out. Thank you for your efforts in bringing us the latest gluten free news and I hope Chuck E Cheeses brings their new pizza to Michigan soon.

  3. I don’t care if it’s for kids, I’m 58 and I want one. I live in Ohio two hour drive from Columbus, how soon??? so I can take the grandkids!!!!!

  4. I think they’ve got the right idea on the pizza. Baking it in its own bag is great. Bring it down to Ga. for the testing too. Maybe the larger pizza chains could adapt this process for their pizzas.
    It’s a start!! Thanks again!!

  5. this would be great if it was here in New Jersey. My grandson is only three years old and would love this especially the cupcake. What are they waiting for … all should offer this service. Great for birthday parties .

  6. I was thinking not to long ago when my daughter said something about going to CCheese how I would be sitting there watching them chowing down on the pizza and once again not being able to eat what they are…so please bring it to PA! Pretty please…with sugar on top!!

  7. Big whoop dee doo! Why just Minnesota? Why not nationwide?! News like this is so decieving because you make it sound like it is everywhere when it isn’t.

  8. Great idea to have a disposable cutter included. thank you. bring it to New York. We can use it in the schools!

  9. EXCITING NEWS! However I was bummed when I saw that it is only in MN. Bring it to the Chicago area please!!!!!

  10. This is wonderful! We need it in Texas fast! With a 7 year old with celiac the most common food for any kid party is pizza and right now he has to sit out and just watch others eat the food that he used to be able to eat and loved it! Chuck E. Cheese, we are eagerly awaiting you here!

  11. Bummed too. Mother of a 6 year old Celiac in Olympia WA. If it arrives in WA before he is too old we will have a birthday there! Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks Guys for making everyone feel included.

  12. I think it’s great for the kids. @ Julie, they need to test market this before going nationwide. I wonder what the cost is. I have been to a pizza place here in PHX and they are way expensive. Hope it all works out.

  13. Love this, however not sure how the pizza will taste in a bag. Thinking steamed with soggy crust, but hopeful! I think the idea to bring it to schools is great Lyn.

  14. Having a two year old with Celiacs Disease I have to say I am so happy to see a big chain like this trying to make life a little easier for children suffering from Celiacs disease. Please please bring this to PA as well.

  15. Well we have one in Texas now and I was so excited along with my 7 year old! He actually got to have his birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese with all his friends and had the pizza and cupcake. Not only did it make him feel like he was even more special that day for getting his own “special pizza and cake” but it was wonderful to not have to worry about the cross contamination. Thank you Chuck E. Cheese for going the extra mile and allowing a little boy to just enjoy his day without the worries.

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