By Zach

May it be known that May 16th is now officially “Gluten-Free Beer Day” in Portland, effective as of yesterday morning at 9:30 via mandate by Mayor Adams at the City Hall. In honor of Celiac Awareness Month and the gluten-free efforts demonstrated by three Portland-based companies of Craft Brew Alliance, Mayor Adams stamped a new part of gluten-free history for Portland.

To our knowledge, Mayor Adams has no connection with the Boston beer company, Samuel Adams, so there’s isn’t any kind of conspiracy going on here nor are we trying to pull your leg, but it does make for a comical coincidence.

Omission Beer line as well as Deschutes Brewery and Harvester Brewing are the three conglomerates that make up the tri-force bringing Portlanders a gluten-free remedy they can enjoy. Omission Beer launched their gluten-free line earlier this year, Deschutes has been brewing gluten-free beer since 2007, and Harvester Brewing established themselves in 2011 with their gluten-free exclusive ales.

Just to make sure we’re all on the same page, not all of these gluten-free beers are 0 parts per million, which also goes for gluten-free beer throughout the U.S. and worldwide. For instance, Omission Beer uses malt and barley in their formula and even though it is significantly lower than the international standard of 20 parts per million, It does exempt a lot of gluten-intolerant consumers. Therefore, people with Celiac Disease and/or high sensitivity to gluten should research the parts per million and/or contact the brewing company before indulging in these products.

Nonetheless, Omission still makes a quality gluten-free product that can be enjoyed by those who are able to drink it. Each one of their batches is sampled using the rigorous R5 Competitive ELISA test.

Deschutes Brewery has two brewpubs and always keep at least one of their gluten-free beers on tap. Their code of excellence is to brew a great beer that’s gluten-free, not brew a great gluten-free beer – there’s a subtle significance in that nuance. They have won a silver and bronze medal from the Great American Beer Festival, but will remain active in improving their formula to one day get gold.

Harvesters Brewing picked up the torch about a year, but they are the nation’s only company to only brew gluten-free. Their policies are stringent when it comes to gluten as well. All of their facilities are gluten-free environments and they do not permit anything with gluten to be brought on the premises. Some of their innovative ingredients include: Willamette Valley chestnuts, sorghum, certified gluten-free oats, pure cane sugar and Willamette Valley hops.

So there you have it, folks. Here’s to Portland history-in-the-making made by, among other notable gluten-free brewers, three titans who set out on a journey to hone the art of handcrafted gluten-free beer.