A Guide to Gluten-Free Sunscreens for Summer

By Zach

If you all haven’t already noticed, the sun is getting brighter, the heat index is rising and the UV rays are relentlessly raining down even stronger – three sure signs that summer is approaching and that awful smelling stuff we call sunscreen will be applied more and more as the days drift on.

What’s worst for gluten-intolerant people when it comes to sunscreen isn’t necessarily the smell (or even the white blotches that don’t rub into the skin), but rather the contact of gluten on their skin, or even worse, ingested into their body. This issue isn’t new to the gluten-free community, but it does raise the questions about what gluten-free sunscreen options there are available on the market that will help provide you with optimal protection.

As a quick disclaimer, you should always double check the sunscreen bottle’s ingredients to make sure that it is actually gluten-free. If you find a gluten-free sunscreen in your online research it could possibly be from an old article and the company may have changed their formula and started using gluten or some form of wheat.

One of the leading sunscreens out there, Coppertone, surprisingly has a whole line of sunscreens that are all gluten-free. Another giant ray-reflecting company with all of their sunscreen products being gluten-free is Banana Boat, but be careful, some of their other products are not gluten-free. Other suggestions we have for gluten-free sunscreens are:

  • Lavera Sunblock Children and Babies SPF 30 (organic)
  • Keys Solar Rx Moisturizing Cosmetic Sunblock SPF 30+ (organic)
  • Banana Boat (only sunscreens)
  • Coppertone (all products)
  • California Baby (organic)
  • Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen
  • Rocky Mountain Sunscreen Sun Sensitive SPF 45+ (organic)
  • Jason Natural Cosmetics Sunbrellas, Natural, SPF 30

Of course, there are plenty of other great brands out there, but these gluten-free sunscreens seem to be the hottest/coolest among users.

Organic sunscreens are also becoming a big hit among sun bathers, beach goers and outdoor folk. Don’t worry, if you want organic sunscreen you don’t have to compromise the gluten-free aspect since many of these cancer-smiting creams embody both preferences. Due to a growing concern that certain sunscreens contain a chemical that may, in fact, accelerate skin cancer, more people are discovering the potential health benefits of organic skin care.

With plenty of gluten-free sunscreen options available to people with gluten sensitivities, there’s plenty of ways to enjoy your sun-filled summer.

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