You may have thought all the Celiac Awareness Month fun was over, well have we got news for you. And, if you live near one of the 42 Chevys Fresh Mex restaurants dotted around the US, then today’s announcement might be particularly exciting: Chevys has joined the growing list of restaurants with a gluten-free menu.

Now, let’s get right to it and manage expectations: the menu comes with a disclaimer, and according to the press release

Preparation facilities vary by location and all guests with gluten-related disorders should inform their server beforehand to ensure that preparation and ingredients align with dietary requirements.

So, OK, that’s a fairly standard disclaimer. And it’s certainly as true now as it has ever been that A) the act of dining out carries with it some level of risk for those of us with food intolerance and B) there are a lot of variables that must align in order to provide a safe gluten-free meal, and the more careful you are the more likely you are to have a good experience. There’s a reason we sell gluten-free dining cards, after all.

However, more gluten-free awareness isn’t a bad thing. And the Chevys menu comes to us with input from Healthy Dining, part of the (admittedly slightly confusing to this blogger) conglomerate that also includes Kids LiveWell and the National Restaurant Association.

Because Chevys is a Mexican restaurant, a lot of the items on the menu were essentially gluten-free to begin with — in fact, the items listed in the press release sound like they may have been part of the regular menu all along. Examples include, “Shrimp Fajita Salad topped with homemade Apple-Chipotle Vinaigrette; Fresh Mex Fajitas with garlic shrimp or seasonal veggies; classic enchiladas with Original Salsa Chicken or Picadillo Beef; lunch bowls with mesquite-grilled veggies, shrimp or salmon; and a variety of sides and solos including soft tacos, fresh guacamole, rice and beans.”

The press release also indicates that there has been a company-wide training to educate staff on gluten-free needs and that menu items not on the gluten-free menu can sometimes be adjusted to accomodate additional dietary needs.

It’s still early — the gluten-free menu isn’t yet indicated on Chevys website — but I’ll be curious to see how those of you who live in Chevys-including neighborhoods feel about the new menu. Have you eaten there prior to this announcement and found them to be accommodating? Will you try the new menu out? Tell us in the comments!