By Zach

There’s always some kind of gluten-free news around the corner that deserves to be shared, and this time we’ve got gluten-free travel plans since travel season is about to be underway. If you’ve ever been hungry in an airport, you have probably realized the insufficient amount of options for gluten-sensitive individuals. Sure, you’ve usually got a store like Starbucks which sells fruit cups, but you’re essentially stuck between a hard place and a rock trying to find substantial gluten-free grub that’s going to tide you over throughout your wait, layover and/or flight.

It comes as no surprise why diet-restrictive (gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, low-card, etc.) options are sparse in and around airports – non-restrictive foods are the cheapest and most desired fast-food items. Catering to these non-restrictive diets is always going to peak the interest of businesses because it generates the most money with the least amount of effort.

However, there are scattered restaurants throughout small and large airports that offer gluten-free food items, and some are even willing to prepare cook-to-order meals for gluten-intolerant travelers. We thought we should share a few major airports that have a few gluten-free pit stops, which include:

JFK – New York

Starbucks (Terminal 1-3, and 7) – prepackaged gluten free cookies, chips, dried fruits, bars

Jamba Juice (Terminal 5) – all

French Meadow Bakery Café (Terminal 2) – vegan and gluten-free menu

The Grove (Terminal 5 and 7) – raw snacks


LAX – Los Angeles

Daily Grill (Food Court) – cook to order

On the Border (Terminal 4) – Fajitas, street tacos, grilled chicken, veggies, beans, rice, steak, carnitas, NOT chips

Starbucks (Terminal 1-4, and 6)same as above

Wolfgang Puck Express (2 and 7) – salads, sides, rotisserie chicken and many items by request


ORD – Chicago

Wolfgang Puck (Terminal 1 and 3) – gluten-free meals by request

Starbucks (Terminal 1, 2 and 3) – same as above

Macaroni Grill (Terminal 3) – made to order / by request


There’s also the option of using Triumph Dining Cards to help ensure gluten-free delights or just bringing your own packed morsels, snacks and meals to bypass the whole stress and overpaying for food. If you’re like me, I have a handful of go-to snacks and meals that are light, not complicated to eat on the go and (most importantly) are able to get through security without any hold ups or confiscations. Finding gluten-free safe and healthy foods to eat while flying can be a difficult task. Packing your own goodies or determining ahead of time which gluten-free places to eat during your route in the airport are just two great ways to curtail the challenges of flying and being gluten-free.