Canadian Government Funds Gluten-Free Safety Study

According to Food Navigator, the Canadian government has given the Canadian Celiac Association nearly a quarter of a million dollars (Canadian, at essentially 1:1 with USD) to help increase the safety of gluten-free foods in Canada.

The Canadian Celiac Association estimates the number of Canadians with celiac disease to be approximately three million (out of a population of appx 34 million). The funds will go to develop controls that will increase food safety and consumer confidence in Canadian gluten-free items. According to the release, the CCA will work with ExcelGrains Canada, part of the Canada Grains Council, as well as the Packaging Association of Canada and the Canadian Health Food Association.

Once the CCA and associates develop controls and tools, they will be able to share those methods with the rest of the stakeholders in the gluten-free food market in Canada.

For more information on being gluten-free in Canada, check out the Canadian Celiac Association’s website. Or, to learn more about Canada’s updated Food Allergen Labelling Regulations (accepted in February of 2011 and due to be officially enacted this August), visit Health Canada.

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