Gluten-Free Pasta Made With Bananas

By Laura (The Gluten Free Traveller)

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Could pasta made from green bananas be the next big thing for celiacs and others folks who need to keep to a strict gluten-free diet? There are a bunch of Brazilian researchers out there who hope that it may just be.

Food researchers from a University in Brazil have created a pasta which is made with a flour milled from green bananas.  Seriously? Pasta made from fruit you may be thinking to yourself. I thought it sounded pretty crazy too, but was intrigued to find out more.

In taste tests between whole wheat pasta and the green banana pasta a group of 75 tasters was used, 25 with celiac disease and 50 without. Both the celiac and non-celiac groups chose the banana pasta over the whole wheat in terms of both taste and texture.

Researchers say that as well as being cheaper to produce than whole wheat pasta, green banana pasta is also lower in fat and higher in protein that it’s wheat filled counterpart.

The most commonly found gluten-free pastas on the market are currently made from brown rice, corn, quinoa, soybeans and potatoes, all of which I eat from time to time when I find myself missing a big bowl of pasta.

Personally I would choose rice or quinoa over gluten-free pasta. Generally I find most gluten-free pasta to be nothing special and pretty expensive, but perhaps a green banana pasta would excite my love for pasta again. Who knows?

Is green banana pasta a product which in time could become a popular substitute for whole wheat pasta, not only for a celiac or gluten free audience but for all pasta lovers? Do you like the sound of a gluten-free pasta made from bananas?

16 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Pasta Made With Bananas”

  1. “Both the celiac and non-celiac groups chose the banana pasta over the whole wheat in terms of both taste and texture.”

    How were the celiacs able to safely eat the whole wheat pasta in order to make the comparison?

  2. Having experimented already with green bananas myself for other things, the banana pasta may catch on. I certainly would try it. I gave up eating pasta because the consistency of the brown rice pasta was just too unpalatable for me. Perhaps this would perk up my interest in pasta once again. Can’t wait for it to come out.

  3. I would LOVE to see this on the market! A grain free, nut free pasta!!! My son has not had any pasta in over a year because he had to go completely grain-free and I have yet to find a completely grain-free pasta.

  4. I think that I might try to make it myself. Maybe dehydrate the bananas first and then put in the food processor. It’s worth a shot.

  5. A lot of us were diagnosed with celiac disease later in life so maybe the celiacs were just remembering what whole wheat pasta was like. In any case, I would definitely give banana pasta a try.

  6. Of course I would try it. Banana’s are good for you. Anything that has a good taste and texture is worth a try. bring it on !

  7. When I wrote this I was wondering the same thing myself
    (regarding the fact that celiacs ate whole wheat pasta for the taste test). I was pretty shocked to hear that celiacs would choose to make themselves ill simply for a taste test but it looks like they did! Clearly they must have known the risks but chose to eat it anyway. There is no way they were able to eat this safely. :(

  8. What if the whole world decided to eat banana pasta instead? If it’s really that yummy, who knows? The world may change to favor the stuff.

    If so, it would be like humanity is returning to its neanderthal origins. Next thing you know, we might start swinging from trees and picking the mites out of each other’s scalps.

    Whether it’s monkey food or not, I’m still game for adding variety to our food options. YAY!

  9. The banana pasta does sound interesting but for someone with a latex allergy as well as needing to be gluten free, the banana pasta would just make life a bit harder, especially if they started including it in the ingredients in other gluten free pastas.

  10. This sounds interesting. I am finding the gluten free diet very, very difficult to stick to. Food products made with rice just doesn’t cut it for me. This might be a refreshing change. While I am not a big pasta eater, it would be nice to have a little bit of a variety.

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