Keeping Our Morning Bowl Full: Chex Adds Sixth Gluten-Free Cereal

By Bridget

While I’ve been living a gluten-free lifestyle for three years now, there are still certain struggles I can’t seem to get past. One of these daily difficulties includes what to have for breakfast. There have definitely been mornings that I wake up and finish off the gluten-free pasta from dinner or even eat sushi to get my day started with a “balanced” morning meal. Cereal, pancakes, muffins, and toast are definitely relics of the past, and even oatmeal can be a no-no for sufferers of Celiac’s disease.

Now most people who read this blog are probably well aware that Chex has sympathetically taken on the gluten-free cereal world, manufacturing corn- and rice-based cereals that are Celiac-friendly. Where a couple of years ago plain corn and rice Chex were the only options, the cereal brand has expanded their line of gluten-free squares with chocolate, cinnamon, honey nut and, most recently, Apple Cinnamon Chex!

Announced in a press release yesterday, the company has added this new flavor of Chex as the sixth in their line of gluten-free cereals. The new flavor is made with real apples and cinnamon, providing whole, gluten-free grains with no artificial flavoring. I am particularly appreciative of how commercially available the cereal is (you can find Chex cereal in just about any grocery store) and how affordable it is! So many gluten-free cereals can cost $5-$7 per box, which can keep my “breakfast-for-dinner” habit very alive. What’s more, Chex cereals in general have a great flavor that’s even gluten-eater approved!

Chex cereal is very forthcoming with information regarding their gluten-free products. Check out their website at for more information!

7 thoughts on “Keeping Our Morning Bowl Full: Chex Adds Sixth Gluten-Free Cereal”

  1. AFTER Chex started its gluten-free labeling, they began adding the chemical preservative BHT to its g.f. Chex. :( As someone who does not buy anything chemical whenever possible, I no longer purchase Chex.

  2. Yes, CHEX has another GF cereal, but have you noticed the size of the box and price compared to other cereals, including som of the other GF CHEX boxes?

  3. I recently purchased the Apple Cinnamon flavor as a break from the regular cinnamon flavor. Let’s face it . . . there aren’t alot of varieties for gluten free diets! I can’t speak for others, but I really was not happy with this product and don’t plan on purchasing it again. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would have to rate it at about 3.

  4. I didn’t think it was the bee’s knees, but I thought it was a lot better than a 3 out of 10. Maybe a 6 or 7? Can’t say much since I’ve only bought one box so far.

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