Celiac Sprue Association and Gluten Free Travel Site Team Up

Grove Restaurant Food Photo Shoot April 12, 2012 3Thanks to the San Francisco Chronicle for bringing this to my attention: there’s a new partnership between the Celiac Sprue Association (or CSA) and the website GlutenFreeTravelSite.com.

The partnership will, in essence, aggregate the existing knowledge of local CSA chapters on the GlutenFreeTravelSite’s platform. Because the CSA has 120+  chapters all across the country, their collective knowledge promises to be vast. While CSA members will have a dedicated page on which to search for CSA-specific reviews, the reviews will also be accessible by anyone who is using the website to search for safe gluten-free dining ideas.

As the initiative was just announced, there aren’t too many CSA-specific reviews up yet. However, as Karen Broussard, founder and president of GlutenFreeTravelSite, is quoted in the release, “As members of CSA’s chapters add their reviews, there will be an even greater treasure trove of personal guidance to search on our site — in addition to the thousands of existing reviews of restaurants, markets, bakeries, hotels/resorts, B&Bs, cruises, colleges, and even churches that offer GF communion. At the same time, we’ll be giving increased exposure to the many wonderful businesses that serve our gluten-free community.”

There are certainly a lot of bad gluten-free foods out there, and a lot of foods that seem gluten-free but aren’t because of cross-contamination, so the thought of a site that carries review from people who eat gluten-free all. the. time. (and not by choice) is fairly appealing. Of course, one person’s most-heavenly-muffin is another’s hockey puck — but some sort of prior feedback is always welcome when it comes to checking out a new gluten-free menu.

Are you a member of your local CSA support group? If so, have you uploaded any of your local knowledge to this database (and if not, do you plan to)? Either way, is this a website you use / have used in the past for information?

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  1. Our research and development team went to work to develop a great-tasting, quality pizza that is free of gluten.” The gluten-free pizzas are topped off-site, at a Celiac Sprue Association-approved facility, as to ensure.

  2. Thanks for all the information. In the time frame from 1990 to 1994 I had many struggles with numerous symptoms. I was at my weakest point in life emotionally, physically and mentally. I was living with so much pain and weakness and several other things for the next few years. Life was really becoming a challenge. No restaurants take it serious if you ask if there is any gluten in the food. Great info for me.

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