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By Bridget

Summertime can be filled with shorter workweeks, long weekends, and extended vacations. But, according to a recent study, as many as 17% of families with children suffering from Celiac’s Disease have reported skipping family trips because of the anticipated difficulties they will face. While Laura, The Gluten-free Traveler, can probably speak most closely to overcoming any gluten related travel anxieties, there are certain travel destinations that are making it their mission to be gluten-free!

A huge trend in travel, in general, is to seek out unique and enriching experiences beyond the general allure of a given destination. A trip to Colorado is no longer just to see the mountains, but to take on a weight-loss goal. Travel to California has become a quest to learn from the best wine-makers. Well, now you can add gluten-free travel to the list.

Members of the California Association of Bed & Breakfast Association have added gluten-free pasta-making to their list of classes that guests can explore over a number of hours or days.

The Inn on Randolph in downtown Napa is offering a two-day series of gluten- and allergen-free cooking and baking classes. The course provides an overview of gluten-free grains and flours, as well as providing suggestions for how to setup a gluten-free kitchen. The second day of this gluten-free vacation teaches how to make your own gluten-free egg and vegan pastas, providing guests with the tools to keep their kitchen and bellies filled with gluten-free goodies.

This effort to incorporate gluten-free education as part of travel experience certainly indicates a marked rise in the demand for such courses and information. The California Association of Bed & Breakfast is working to bring the gluten-free culture to their guests in an interactive and informative way. This endeavor is indicative of the trends we can hope to see around the United States in the coming years, certainly helping reduce any gluten-related stressors of traveling!

If you’re interested in checking out the two-day gluten-free vacation at the Inn on Randolph, visit

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  1. I have some sort of Gluten Free Traveling Tips. For people with celiac disease, a lifelong gluten-free lifestyle is the only way to curtail the severe symptoms of the disorder and to prevent its relapse. By sticking to this lifestyle, the celiac can very well live a normal life. Certain difficulties can be encountered from time to time but it is nothing that cannot be addressed with careful planning. During breaks from school and Christmas holidays it is common for families to go on vacations. This is one time when gluten free traveling tips are useful to stay safe while traveling or staying in a faraway destination. What a wonderful Gluten-Free Vacation Experiences, Great info! I keep on reading…Thanks

  2. My 7 yo daughter is celiac, and I learned that Walt Disney World has a number you can call to talk to someone about what options they have. They are very understanding of all allergy and diet restrictions and have lists of where and what is available at each place within each park. I was really excited and appreciative of WDW staff for being so helpful. One tip, if you would like to eat at one of their fine dining restaurants, make reservations far in advance. I’m so glad we were able to still go on this amazing trip : )

  3. My 16 yr old daughter just survived a 17 day group school trip to Europe. She had a good experience with the GF meals on British Airways and was able to order GF pasta in a number of Italian restaurants although it was usually too undercooked for her liking and it was often served very plain with just fresh tomatoes. Learning more of the language to be able to ask for specific question would have been a good idea. The best meal she had was a balsamic beef–yum. The waiter recommended it in Sienna. She used your dining out cards in Italy and Greece and most waiters had a good attitude. The hotels tried to be most accomodating especially the Sienna hotel. We notified all of the hotels ahead of time of her celiac and dairy-free needs. The Sienna hotel had a table set up just for her with GF toast,cookies,cereals. Wow– impressive. For breads,she was able ot buy some crackers and cookies at the pharmacies. On the first week she carried a bag of bagels and some of her favorite GF bread which she ate for breakfast. Allin all she learned alot and had lots of fruit and veges.

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