Review of King Arthur’s Gluten-Free Yellow Cake Mix

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When King Arthur kindly sent me a box of their new GF yellow cake mix, I made a batch of cupcakes to welcome some of our new team members. Before I tried them, I was contemplating how best to sound excited about cake, but I needn’t have worried. This was some of the best cake made from a boxed mix that I’ve ever had (gluten-full or gluten-free). The cakes stayed perfectly moist and tender, and didn’t dry out the way a lot of gluten-free baked goods tend to. I don’t particularly care for cake in general, so for me to reach for a second cupcake is a big deal.

The speed at which baked goods can disappear from a plate on the break room table never ceases to amaze me. Needless to say, the rest of our employees (Celiac and gluten-eating alike) loved these cupcakes. I also let the family try them, and “forgot” to mention the fact that they were gluten-free. No one noticed a difference. The use of tapioca starch, rice flour, and potato starch makes it difficult to discern any difference in flavor or texture from gluten-full cake.

My only issue when baking was that my cupcakes deflated a bit when they came out of the oven. According to King Arthur’s website this could be due to overbeating the batter, so be mindful of how long you mix it. I used a hand-mixer, but next time I will probably mix the batter by hand so as not to repeat my mistake. Luckily, frosting covers flaws in your cake very easily. I put a few drops of GF almond extract in my plain buttercream frosting (just powdered sugar, butter and milk) to give it some oomph, and I think it complemented the cake perfectly.

Whether you have a birthday coming up or you just feel like some sweet indulgence after a long work week, grab yourself a box of King Arthur Flour’s GF Yellow Cake Mix and whip up a batch!

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  1. wow amazing cake! This seriously sounds fantastic! I cannot even imagine how wonderful and delicious this have to be…rather I can imagine, but I am rather afraid to since I think I would never stop eating gluten free. Fabulous pics and a fabulous recipe. I am so going to do this!

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