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Declaring Independence: 4 Red, White, and Blue Ways to Stay Gluten-Free Today! Happy Fourth of July!

With a day filled with outdoor festivities from parades and fireworks to barbeques and cocktails, this holiday screams summer. To get your day going fueled with gluten-free goodies, here are 4 red, white, and blue options that are perfect for a healthy 4th!

  1. Red, White, and Blue Potato Salad. Yes, blue potatoes really do exist. These tiny spuds have a blue skin and flesh, and actually provide more flavonoids than the traditional white potatoes. Flavonoids are a type of pigment found in fruits and vegetables that support our health with many benefits, including cancer protection. Even better, the smaller the potato, the more fiber and minerals you get from it due to the greater skin to flesh ratio. So keep the skins on those potatoes when you make your salad for the barbeque!
  2. Blue Cheese Stuffed Red Peppers. Since the grill is already fired up, why not cook up your own vegetable appetizer! Just slice up some red peppers and put them on the grill (or on a grill extender to avoid cross contamination!) until they begin to crisp. Add on some blue cheese for a quick and easy gluten-free veggie side! Click to continue reading »

Hi, I’m Laura, The Gluten Free Traveller

By Laura (The Gluten Free Traveller)

As the newest gluten-free blogger here at Triumph Dining, you’re going to be seeing a lot more of me so I thought I’d introduce myself properly and share a little bit of my story.

I was diagnosed with celiac disease in August 2009. I’m a Scottish lass but I’m currently living in the US. This puts me in an interesting position, seeing what’s it’s like to be gluten-free on both sides of the pond.

Staying safely gluten-free can be difficult enough when you’re at home in your crumb free kitchen never mind when you’re traveling somewhere new. Each country has their own, unique gluten-free labeling laws, different gluten free products and varying levels of awareness of celiac disease and gluten free living.

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Follow-Up for Celiac Disease Often Irregular and Inadequate, Study Finds

Calendar Card - JanuaryThanks to Family Practice News for pointing me to this study published in Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepetology entitled Patients with Celiac Disease are not Followed Up Adequately.

As you can imagine, you clever readers you, the study indicates that post-diagnosis, many people with celiac disease do not receive adequate care. Data was collected on 122 patients diagnosed by the Mayo Clinic and Olmstead Medical Center.
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