Mary’s Gone Crackers Review

By Laura (The Gluten-Free Traveller)

Mary’s Gone Crackers was kind enough to let Triumph Dining sample some of their gluten-free products recently. Not only does this company have pretty much the best name ever, they also make some amazing gluten-free snacks. I’m a huge fan!

Their Pretzels are pretzel sticks, but they are better than any pretzel type snack I’ve ever eaten. They are made from an interesting mix of gluten-free seeds and grains – brown rice, whole quinoa, flax seeds, sesame seeds, amaranth, miller and chia seeds, which gives them a unique and interesting taste and texture. Pretzels come in three tasty flavors, Chipotle Tomato, Curry and Sea Salt, all of which have a wonderful crunch to them. Whilst I enjoyed each of the flavors, the chipotle tomato ones with their tasty spicy tomato flavor have got to be my favorite.  Delicious!!

I’m also a big fan of their crackers. I often find that gluten-free crackers are pretty boring or tasteless, but these ones are in a whole different league of tasty cracker. Again, similar to the Pretzels, these crackers are a combination of gluten-free grains and seeds which gives them a smoky flavor (but in a good way) and which goes really well with hummus, natural yoghurt, salsa or guacamole. These crackers are also fantastic on their own as they have lots of flavor to them. They come in five different flavors – original, onion, caraway, black pepper and herb. The original and herb are my favorite for dipping and the black pepper and onion ones I like to nibble as they are.

Mary’s cookies are pretty yummy too and come in four flavors – n’oatmeal raisin (an oatmeal type cookie without oats!), ginger snaps, double chocolate and chocolate chip. They are crunchy cookies rather than bendy cookies, which makes them more like biscuits in my book but maybe that’s just me. All of these cookies make for a tasty treat alongside a big cup of hot tea or a chilled glass of almond milk. Who can resist a chocolate chip or double chocolate gluten-free cookie? Yum!

All of Mary’s Gone Crackers products are manufactured in their own dedicated gluten-free, dairy free, nut free facility. Woohoo! I wish all gluten free products were made in factories like this but sadly this is not the case…yet! Thank you Mary’s Gone Crackers for making such delicious and safe gluten-free snacks for us.

5 thoughts on “Mary’s Gone Crackers Review”

  1. I tried the crackers and loved them. So did my brother. Now we can’t find them. I had originally bought them at a Costco, but naturally when I went back, they didn’t carry them anymore. Typical of all the gf foods they try :(

  2. I have to say that though I certainly have no complaint about the flavor of the crackers and snacks I have tried from this company, I will probably not buy them again. They are so very hard (literally) to chew that I feared for my teeth and dental work. I found it disappointing because I normally like a crunchy snack, but these are a bit extreme.

  3. Patty Jo, I’m not sure what part of the country you live in, but I get mine at Fred Meyers in the natural section, which is a branch of Krogers. I’ve also seen them recently at Safeway.

    My favorite flavor is the peppered cracker, but the original is delicious as well. I love to pair them with a salted meat and cheese and I consider them the only satisfying substitute for non GF crackers for this important food niche. :) However, I still have yet to find my Saltine replacement for soups.

    I do like their chocolate chip cookies with the surprising chia seeds.

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