Sweet Connection Brings Gluten-Free Goodies to Dubai

Eating gluten-free while traveling can be exceptionally easy or exceptionally difficult. Usually it’s a little bit of both.

Happily, if you’re traveling to Dubai, a new bakery is tilting the scales a bit closer to “easy”. Sweet Connection is the brainchild of Areej Jomaa, and the evolution of her earlier (non gluten-free) bakery, Areej’s Sweet Kitchen.

Sweet Kitchen, in creating a completely gluten-free menu of cakes, cookies, biscotti, breads, pizzas, and other sweet and savory items, has become not only the first completely gluten-free bakery in Dubai, but in all of the United Arab Emirates.

A number of the items for sale are also free of dairy and /or eggs, according to this press release. The release also makes it clear that all items can be sliced and are suitable for freezing at home — presumably many of Sweet Connection’s customers stock up on their visits.

According to Dubai Confidential, things are looking good for the bakery: they’re hiring, which is a great sign.

In other gluten-free-in-Dubai news, this year has also seen the web launch of the UAE ‘s first gluten-free supermarket. They’ve got many of the familiar favorites from the US, Canada, and Europe, but also several brands I’ve never heard of (many of which seem to be from Australia).

For more on eating gluten-free in Dubai, check out this article from Time Out Dubai.

Have you traveled to Dubai on a gluten-free diet? What did you find to eat, and how was it?

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