Mini Pops – Like Popcorn, but with Sorghum!

By Laura (The Gluten-Free Traveller)

Mini Pops was kind enough to let Triumph sample some of their gluten-free products recently. I’ve always been a huge fan of popcorn so I was pretty excited to try popped sorghum!

You probably don’t hear about sorghum as much as you might, considering that it is the fifth most harvested cereal grain in the world. Sorghum is one of the grains in my hot breakfast cereal, but before Mini Pops, I don’t think I’d ever eaten it on it’s own or tried a product where sorghum is the main event. There are various different types of sorghum but the type used for Mini Pops is specifically grown in the USA to be of a high quality and free from any nasty pesticides or genetic modification. Sounds good to me!

Not only are Mini Pops gluten-free, they are certified gluten-free and produced in a completely gluten free manufacturing facility which is also nut free, kosher and organic. Woohoo!

They come in eight fun flavors – Petite Plain, Subatomic Sea Salt, Baby White Cheddar, Itty Bitty Butter, Hot n’ Chilly Chili, Nano Pepper & Herb, Cutie Caramel Clusters and Itsy Bitsy Chili Cheese. The fact that they all have awesome names makes me like them even more.

Does popped sorghum taste like popped corn? With these tasty flavors all in about them, they have a fairly similar taste but you can definitely taste a difference. I can’t put my finger on what it is, but I could tell you that it wasn’t popcorn. Mini pops are also much smaller than popcorn and they don’t get stuck in your teeth the way popcorn tends to.

I have a sweet tooth, so from the flavors I tried the Cutie Caramel Clusters were probably my favorite. If you love popcorn but you’re looking for something a little different to take to the movie theatre or to nibble whilst catching up on your favorite TV show Mini Pops would make a great, tasty gluten free substitute!


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