Lady Gaga Eats Gluten-Free

By Laura (The Gluten-Free Traveller)

Social media is blowing up with the gluten-free community talking about yet another celebrity deciding to start following a gluten free diet.

 Last time it was Miley Cyrus shouting to anyone who would listen that “gluten sucks!” and now it’s US singer Lady Gaga’s turn to see if eating gluten free can help her to lose a few pounds.

The singer recently started the next leg of her ‘Born This Way Ball’ tour in Sofia, Bulgaria and has decided that she needs a new diet to keep her in the best shape for the tour.

A source said: ‘Gaga has decided to go on a major body blitz and cut out all glutenand wheat from her diet, which is very hard to do. She has given her people strict instruction to advise staff at venues and restaurants about her new diet because she is taking it very seriously.’

Is she celiac? Gluten intolerant? Does she get horrible symptoms when she eats the protein? Nope. She’s doing it to lose weight of course.

‘Her aim is to drop 10lb in a month.’

Who will be next? Who can tell, but I have a sneaky feeling that there is another celebrity out there wondering how to lose even more weight and thinking that a gluten-free diet may just be the way to do it.

‘The 26-year-old singer is thought to be rationing her carbohydrate intake to just two portions a week, and living off a diet mainly consisting of fish, chicken and vegetables.’

‘She allows herself one potato or rice portion a week and has been snacking on Ginnybake cakes from wholefood shops – they are gluten-free cookies.’

This sounds a little like a low carb diet, which just happens to be gluten-free.

What are your feelings on celebrities going gluten-free as a weight loss strategy?

Do you think it helps the gluten free community by putting gluten-free in the public eye or do you think it adds to the image that gluten-free dieting is simply a fad?

56 thoughts on “Lady Gaga Eats Gluten-Free”

  1. If it makes her feel better what is it hurting. I have celiac disease and have a strict GF diet and it made me feel great with in a few days.

  2. I have Celiac, and I think although it’s annoying to have people misinterpret the reasons we stick to a gluten-free diet, it is nice that generally everyone seems to know what gluten is these days (was not that way 5 years ago). I think the “fad” is getting more people tested. Once it dies away, there will still be a lot of us actually needing to be gluten-free, and I’m hoping that means we’ll still be able to get some of these great new products. Although I really wish they would stop labeling things as GF that have oatmeal in them, because 10% of Celiacs cannot eat ANY oatmeal including me!

  3. Wow! What a way to disrespect the real reason for going gluten-free! I think that the celebrities that are doing this are really making it harder for those of us who absolutely need this diet! My feeling is that if you are going to do it for reasons other than its intended purpose, then do it quietly. Making it public is just making celiac and intolerant folks look like their on a fad diet too instead of it being a life-saving treatment.

  4. This undermines the credibility of the medical need for gluten-free. It causes doctors to come out against gluten-free, which the general public misinterprets when the media puts out misleading soundbites. I have to work hard to lose weight and to find low-glycemic gf foods that taste good. She is just picking up on a fad, and calling it the wrong name. I think this hurts us.

  5. That depends on whether it helps more restaurants and food preparers become aware of and offer gf foods. Even if it’s a fad, it means more money for them. It’s a start I suppose.

  6. Maybe it is a case of a good outcome for the wrong reason. I am so happy with every new mention of gluten free. The public perception may be a bit skewed, but for my husband, who is a bonified celiac, only good comes of it. As for me, I have dealt with lifelong weight issues. When I started baking with gluten free substitute flours my weight increased. Now I have eliminated all grain except quinoa and my weight has been normal for a year. I encourage ALL to read “Wheat Belly” by William Davis, MD. I learned more about celiac and diabetes in this one book than all the info out there in other sources.

  7. It tells me that she’s not really informed regarding being gluten-free. What she really needs is a low carb diet – eating only healthy carbs like fruits and vegetables. Skip all refinned carbs, determine healthy calorie intake for weight loss and change up her workouts to maximize results.

    I’m sad that people can be misled that being gluten free is easy and or that it’s another diet for weight loss. Actually eating gluten free treats will cause weight gain. These GF treats are more calorie dense than the gluten treats in most cases.

    When I first went GF five years ago, I didn’t know that there is gluten in almost all prepared packaged foods, as well as in cosmetics, medicines, etc. It’s an ongoing education even for me after all this time. I remember the day I discovered that there is wheat in licorice. I was shocked and disappointed as licorice is a most beloved treat that is just one more thing off limits.

    For me, the hardest part of being GF, is missing out on the sharing of loved ones birthday cakes, wedding reception dinners, church potlucks/picnics, and family reunion feasts, just to name a few.

    Being GF is hard work and NO ONE stays GF long unless it’s because eating gluten truly makes them sick.

  8. I gained weight after being diagnosed Celiac nearly six years ago and going on a Gluten Free diet. That was a good thing though because I was underweight from being sick. However, as I found all of the gluten free junk food available, the weight started to pack on more and more. Gluten free is not necessarily healthy if you’re eating gluten free cookies, and snacks. While I enjoy that there are many more products to choose from than six years ago, and lots of restaurants now have gluten free menus because so many people are “going gluten free,” I worry that at restaurants the cooks/chefs may not take my GF request seriously and I’ll risk the chance of cross contamination.

  9. It’s a double-edged sword.

    On the one hand, it makes GF options more readily available. When celebs make certain diet lifestyles trendy, restaurants who want to be seen as “with it” will jump on the bandwagon and offer GF options. That’s good for all of us who eat GF for legit allergy and intolerance reasons.

    On the other hand, when celebs go GF for non-medical reasons like weight loss, it can possibly perpetuate misconceptions about what it means to be GF. People may take it less seriously because they don’t understand the consequences for someone who legitimately NEEDS to stay away from gluten.

    I eat at a restaurant every Sunday after church and order the same thing every time. The restaurant is very serious about the GF options – segregated kitchen and all. But I was served the non GF version of my meal a couple of weeks ago because we had a different waitress. I know she heard me order it gluten free. But she either “forgot” or it wasn’t convenient for her to satisfy my request that day. Whatever the case – she obviously didn’t understand how important it was to take the GF request very seriously and by the end of the meal I was sick to my stomach. I think more of this is likely to happen the more GF is associated with weight loss.

  10. We who cannot survive cross contamination of any kind are very much hindered by these radical totally uninformed “New Age” groupies…It is so silly yet so harmful to the diagnosed with Celiac population…Do they think being sick and tormented by eating gluten is fun…Get a life…This is a serious ailment and you are causing harm to those already in distress and cannot tolerate Gluten…This is not a “groupie” disease but one that leaves its population unable to eat normally ever again…Not some “fad”…Grow up…I was at an affair when someone I know announced that she too was Celiac (no test but the hope to lose weight I guess) at the cocktail hour I noticed she was eating crackers and I rushed over to let her know that these were not GF, her reply; but I like them and these just do not make me sick…Could it be she is already sick, “in the head”???? Those out there using GF as a diet are harming the “celiacs that have absolutely no choice”…Think I am mad? You bet!!!! Trying to stay healthy in life, JB

  11. I don’t know about anyone else, but when I was diagnosed with Celiac and started the GF diet for ‘the right reasons’ I gained about ten pounds! My body had been so depleted from going un-diagnosed and was not absorbing nutrients that it was a bit of a shock to me to be eating less, eating correctly, yet gaining weight. It was a bit hard to swallow (pun intended) at age 54, but now I love the diet, have energy again, and work out 5 days a week. I’ve given up junk food altogether, even the GF stuff.

  12. I don’t care what the celebrities eat, but I do care about how I’m treated in a restaurant when I request gluten free. One person seemed to doubt that my husband and I are both very gluten intolerant. He asked, “Are you REALLY celiac?” as if we were pulling his leg and making him work extra for no good reason. If GAGA or whoever else makes people disrespect those of us who really struggle with celiac, then shame on her and anyone else making a big joke out of it. Gluten free is no fad for those of us suffering with it. It’s an illness.

  13. I hate that gf is a fad. I am not taken seriously when I request it and ask it be prepared carefully. Then again I also likeI it because it is becoming more easily available. Mixed feelings.

    Also, I have briefly read that going gf to lose weight is unhealthy because like us celiacs, you lose key nutrients and things that have to be supplemented.

    But to each their own.

  14. I think it’s awesome! More people should go gluten free. It doesn’t matter why or who should. It’s a healthy way of living! If you need to be GF, like my husband and daughter, Then it’s great to know other people want to try it to feel better. Loosing weight makes people feel healthy! Who knows maybe all these people will try a GF diet and see they have more energy! They may love It!! Thats all that matters!

  15. Thanks for making those of us who HAVE TO BE GLUTEN FREE look like we are trying to be “IN”. I don’t appreciate being questioned about my GF status when I eat because of the hype given by these celebs that choose this as their weight-loss diet. Go Paleo for all I care, just don’t discount the fact that for some of us it is not a choice but how we must eat to not suffer from an illness! (stepping off of my soapbox now)

  16. Well, if she’s snacking on GF cookies, I think she’ll be disappointed with the weight-loss results. As we Celiacs know, they’re even worse than regular cookies! :-b

  17. I have mixed feelings. I have celiac diagnosed years ago so I am well adapted to my diet, but it’s nice to see a wider range of GF products coming out and GF options in restaurants. But it annoys me greatly when people say they are gluten intolerant one day and not the next. We really mean it!

  18. This is a difficult subject. I do agree that those “celebrities” (Just regular people with a higher paying job than us) that flash a gluten free diet around for a few months make it more of a fad type diet. But then you have those people like my husband & I that are Celiacs & have no choice but to “LIVE” gluten free, not just play around with the idea.
    I do love how more & more people, restaurants & food companies are becoming more educated & aware of gluten issues. Most people should follow a gluten free lifestyle for a healthy life & weight control.

  19. It certainly makes it harder for people who *have* to be gluten-free. Instead of if being treated as an actual food intolerance, wait staff often assume that I’m just being fussy. One waitress in NYC actually got very pissy with me after I discovered crouton crumbs in my “gluten free” salad. She essentially told me to get over it and that a few crumbs wouldn’t kill me. She was quite apologetic when I explained that it actually could and that it wasn’t simply some hipster lifestyle choice.

    The real irony of this is that a lot of the “gluten free” foods have considerably more calories per ounce than the gluten-containing alternatives. Losing weight on a gluten-free diet is like losing weight by limiting yourself to snickers and hagen-daaz. It’s not the “gluten free” that’s helping people lose weight, it’s the low carbs and just paying more attention to what they eat.

    I wonder how long it will be before some celebrity volunteers for chemotherapy to lose weight. Let’s see how supportive the press would be on that one.

  20. I am sorry to say, but Triumph didn’t win any points in my book by confusing the “lifestyle choice” vs “have to live GF”. In your GF Olympics newsletter, you used “living a gluten-free lifestyle” when referring to Dana Vollmer. She didn’t decide to go GF to lose weight – she discovered she is gluten sensitive/intolerant. Going GF and, in her case, egg-free is not an option or lifestyle choice – not if she wants to stay healthy. People who don’t suffer from G-sensitivity aren’t going to swim or whatever any faster. If those who are sensitive eliminate the foods they are sensitive to/intolerant of, any increased performance is likely due to the decreased inflammation in the joints and a healthier immune system that is no longer spending precious energy trying to combat the inflammatory proteins.

    So, please stop using “lifestyle” when referring to people who are in fact celiacs for gluten intolerant/sensitive!. It is insulting and demeans those of us for whom eliminating these proteins from our diet is a matter of life and health, not a way to lose a couple of pounds or because it’s what the cool people are doing.

  21. I am the mother of a 2 1/2 year old who has Celiac Disease. I find celebrities hopping on the GF bandwagon to be highly annoying. Maybe it is healthier…but people already misunderstand Celia Disease and I feel that this type of celebrity hoopla further contributes to it!

    Eating GF is a MUST DO for my daughter – not something we do on a whim.

  22. I think the people who are saying that they are gluten free, for whatever reason except medical, are doing a disservice to those of us who must eat and live gluten free. I went to a new gastroenterologist who rolled his eyes when I said I had a problem with gluten because it has become such a “fad”. I don’t believe that most of these people have a clue about what being totally gluten free means. I doubt that they read every label or have their staff read it for them. Do they ask if the soy sauce at the Chinese restaurant is gluten free or the worcestershire sauce or the chicken or beef broth or their cosmetics? Yes, it calls wider attention to gluten but it gives a false impression of what being gluten free means. Because it is becoming so faddish, I’m afraid that restaurants will be less cautious, thinking that if someone eats a little gluten that it won’t really be a problem for them and they will never know the difference. I have had waitstaff ask if I have celiac disease when I have stated that I need gluten free food. Being totally gluten free takes focus and vigilence. If someone is just cutting out bread and pastries to lose weight, they will surely be healthier, but they should know that they are not gluten free.

  23. I would not worry about the 2 females in this article. Brainless chatter is just that. I don’t believe there are too many that would take either one’s ranting as credible. We see more and more information that is credible out there as weeks pass. People who have never heard about celiac now ask questions. Doctors are even beginning to be aware which was not the case a few years back.

  24. I err on the side of the more the merrier. On the one hand, it will mean more restaurants and manufacturers will want to create great tasting gluten free foods. It may make being gluten-free less of a stigma and more of a trend. Both of those are positive outcomes. I wish a celeb with Celiac would come out as well to balance the pop phenomenon. I also wish some of the air head celebs would see gluten- free as more than a diet without pasta and bread. But mostly, I think it makes them look silly. No one ever says OMG I want breast cancer too when another woman is diagnosed and that’s exactly what these celebs are doing. Next it will be cool to have psoriasis?? Who knows. But if it means rich, buttery flaky GF biscuits are being developed, I am all for it.

  25. I wish people would use the word diet in the proper way. The word diet comes via Latin from Greek – diaita – meaning ‘a way of life.’ Eating a gluten-free diet is a way of life for those who become sick from the gluten. Eating a gluten-free diet is not for weight loss. If Lady Gaga needs to loose weight then maybe she should give up the cookies. The article above states that she is eating gluten-free cookies now. People think they will become thin going gluten free, but that is not always true. By not having gluten products they can miss out on certain nutrients the body needs. If she feels strongly that she needs to do this I hope she is being advised by a doctor. I just don’t want people to ruin it for those who really need to be on the diet. If we go to a restaurant and say that my son is allergic to wheat people are understanding, but if it is just me they wonder why I am going without gluten.

  26. As far back as the 50’s people who need to lose weight looked to medically-recommended food plans for many diseases. For example, the low-glycemic diets came from doctors treating diabetic patients and heart healthy diets emerged from doctors like Dean Ornish who recommended prevention of heart-related diseases by eating low-salt, low-fat, fresh fruits and vegetables. All were meant to encourage patients to lose weight and feel better by changing their unhealthy way of eating. Eventually, food manufacturers and restauarants started catering to people with certain health concerns. In addition, trans-fat was banned from food products.
    This can only be good news. We, the people who cannot tolerate gluten may laugh at the celebrities who claim that being on a gluten-free diet will make them lose weight. With this publicity, food manufacturers and restaurants will listen. There’s no bad publicity when it comes to gluten-free awareness, no matter where it comes from. Those of us who suffer will have more options. The celebs just seeing the health benefits of being gluten-free. Maybe the awareness will spur more people to be tested for celiac disease. Especially if more diagnosed gluten-intolerant celebrities come out and tell their stories.

  27. Like others, I have mixed feelings on this one; yes, it’s become an annoying fad, but it is helping awareness. I think the solution is that we need to shout even louder than the celebrities, telling the world that celiac is a genuine medical condition and that we can’t just “try it out” or stop once we’ve lost a bit of weight. As an aside, re the weight-loss issue, I’ve had friends go GF for that reason, then tell me how it’s made them more aware of what they eat and how they’re snacking less, then tell me they’ve lost a few pounds, and never make the connection between fewer junky snacks (GF or not) and weight loss. Kind of amusing, really.

  28. I think it is great that celebrities are endorsing the gluten free diet. Yes, it is true that most celebrities coming out as “gluten free” do not have the same motives and concerns with cross contamination that those of us with celiac disease do. However, I say let’s stop being offended and instead be grateful that these celebrities are helping to get the gluten free diet in the public eye. Hopefully their support, however short-lived it may be, can help to increase awareness and the amount of gluten free products available to us.

  29. This nonsense trivializes the need for going gluten-free for those with legitimate medical condition requiring so. As a Chef, I often hear people say, “Gluten-free is becoming popular.” I typically make an attempt to clarify the the difference between “need” and “preference.” A GF diet for someone with an autoimmune disease has nothing to do with choice or popularity. Thinking otherwise is akin to saying, “Insulin is becoming popular” (to a diabetic).

  30. Obviously its her body to do what she pleases with. Its very unhealthy to eat a gluten free diet unless you have an intolerance. What makes me mad is these people choosing it. If i could i would go back to eating gluten in a heart beat, but i am unlucky enough to get seriously ill from it. So unfair…

  31. I think it’s great. It is a relatively small percentage of people who have celiac, where, if you follow Dr Fasano, there is a genetic issue that tends to cause dramatic problems that are partially remedied by cutting out gluten. Gluten-intolerants, he says, used to be poo-poo’d by the celiac research community but are taken seriously now. Intolerants, from what I can tell, often develop their problems from intestinal damage brought on by bacterial imbalances exacerbated by a prolonged period of severe stress, or by taking acid secretion inhibitor drugs for too long, or by taking broad-spectrum antibiotics. Their intestinal damage, under the microscope, is real, but comes and goes, or affects only part of the intestines, or is simply less serious than it is for celiacs.
    In my opinion, most humans have only a marginal tolerance for eating grains as a staple food. When they become iconic “comfort foods”, foods made from grains can be indulged like crazy and are bound to cause problems down the line.
    I am gluten intolerant, but eating gluten-free products made from other grains and starches makes me feel even sicker than if I eat gluten, though the symptoms are a little different. I suspect that going low-starch is particularly valuable for people with intestinal impermeability so as not to feed the bacteria. I feel best when I eat low starch — though if I do eat starch, avoiding most grains (rice seems OK) I feel even better.
    I do feel that to have *some* symptoms from gluten ingestion is probably a widespread problem. When I stop eating all starches I first lose about 5 pounds of water, then an additional 10 pounds of fat without even trying. But if I’ve been eating gluten, and stop (but continue eating plenty of starch and sugar), I *also* suddenly lose a lot of water and fat. Removing both gluten and carbs, I am guessing, will be found to be healty steps for *a lot* of people.

  32. whatever floats their boat:p but they can change their minds and start eating hostess cupcakes again…i can’t! that’s the only difference (i have celiac disease). i am used to it since i have been on a wheat & gluten-free diet since 2006. it is what it is. i don’t really care if they are on this diet or that diet. so i will go on my merry way and so will they!

  33. My daughter and I both have celiac disease and are offended by people who, because of their celebrity, can diminish the severity of this disease. I agree with Marci about restaurants being less diligent because they perceive gluten-free to be correlative to “fad diet” rather than treating us with the respect and care we deserve. My daughter has been taken to the emergency room in an ambulance because someone in a restaurant was careless, even after they assured her that her meal was gluten-free. If these individuals had to watch everything they ate and had to read every label, then perhaps they would think twice about being so cavalier.
    Thanks for the opportunity to speak out and thanks to our fellow celiacs for helping to set things straight!

  34. it’s great we have way more options now for food that has come with greater attention to the diet, but it is annoying when someone is doing it for just a fad diet; as someone else pointed out, gluten free food does have higher calories generally; I can’t seem to loose a single pound :-) it doesn’t seem like she is really on a “gluten free diet” more like just a low carb, restricted to healthier foods diet; just because something is gluten free doesn’t mean it’s healthy and non-fattening — I just ate some chocolate sandwich cookies…..

  35. I have Celiac and have been eating gluten free for over two years. Any mention of gluten-free is good in my view. Its amazing how many people didn’t know what gluten-free was a few years ago and now its just about everywhere! I love it! Theres no such thing as bad publicity!

  36. I personally don’t care if people without celiac disease or gluten intolerance eat gluten free. My fear is that the hype will cause manufacturers that do not specialize in gluten free products to jump on the band wagon and declare their products gluten free when in fact they are not. More than once I’ve read a label that proclaimed something with oats in it gluten free. This means those of us with celiac disease and gluten intolerance must be vigilant about reading labels of mainstream products (those not manufactured in dedicated gluten free facilities), even if a product states it is gluten free. Go Gaga….not sure you really need to drop 10 pounds though….

  37. For those of us you MUST follow a GF diet I get a little discouraged when I read or hear about a celeb doing it for weight loss reasons. A low carb diet is simple a low carb diet it does NOT qualify as a GF diet. She will lose 10 pounds and wow she no longer eats GF. The fact that GaGA even knows what a GF diet is could be encouraging and I agree more GF products and GF menus in resturants is nice for us. I get discouraged that the public considers it the next fad diet and all those products and menus will go away once the “fad” is over:(.

  38. So many think that by simply not eating wheat constitutes a gluten free diet.
    Wrong!! These celebs on fad “GF” diets do little to help those of use with Celiacs. It creates to many misconceptions about the condition (as if there is not enough!). I also gained weight when I changed to a “GF” diet after being diagnosed with Celiacs.

  39. Most people who go on a GFdiet GAIN weight. A GF diet is not, in itself, low-carb, low-fat, or low-calorie. The “fad” aspect of this doesn’t bother me as much as the fact that she thinks she is overweight and will pressure other young women into thinking the same.

  40. I think that is great! Wheat should be eliminated for everyone. It is not good for you anyway. Gluten free is the best way to go. Hope more people feel that way, especially the celebs! This will encourage the non glutens to eat gluten free!

  41. The bottom line is: We look the way we eat. One is healthy as one eats. It is all about eating right and most importantly, not over eating. This is the problem in the fight against obesity. Eating a gluten free diet does not mean that one will be thin. Stop over eating, stop binging and eat properly. Do not abuse food. Over eating is an addiction just like alcohol and drug abuse. Avoid the coupons that offer special deals on junk food. Avoid buying junk food from the grocery stores all together. Smaller portions is the answer. And one can have a favorite dessert in moderation. Sounds simple but not for the addicted. (Get rid of all the fat ladden foods at the fast food restaurants!) Only therapy will help people get on the right track. Now getting back to gluten free eating. It is healther for you and for non Celiacs as well. Wheat is not good for anyone because what they have done with the grain over the years.

  42. The world should be gluten free and then the Celiac’s would never have to worry about wheat, Rye and Barley ever again. Gluten Free foods taste better and is healthier for you anyway. Happy that the celebs are going gluten free. It will make our choices even better. Think, if the all of the celebs decide to go gluten free then it opens up many doors . Hey, celebs come up with amazing gluten free line and it will sell like crazy! Yeah! PS all of you Celiac’s out there (including me) do not be offended. It is so nice that the non gluten people are enjoying our way of eating!

  43. I ont understand why people have a problem with people eating gluten free. I have been told there is nothing wrong with me and have had severe bowel problems since I was a child. Have not eaten red meat for 5 years. A continence specialist just put myself and my nine year old daughter on a gluten and dairy free diet for our stomachs. If this is a healthy way of eating, why do u have a problem with people adopting thismway of eating? Arenu trying to own it since u have a diagnosis is and some of us apparently have nothing wrong with us? But I now have no bloating, no cramping, less anxiety and am losing weight that i need to lose. How can that be wrong?

  44. I have the “DH” form of celiac and all I ever see is if you have celiac your thin – not so here….even though I am very careful -as my Dr. stated I am finally getting the nutrients I need and yes I will gain weight….not what I wanted to hear, but it happened just as he said. I am so sensitive that I have to take dapsone(-not what one would want to do) and have other food allergies. So for her to go Gluten free just because to lose weight is another celeb going for the “FAD” in entertainment…Shame on her!

  45. Celebrity GF endorsements confuse the slowly emerging awareness of celiac disease. My 12-year old son’s grandparents persist in doubting the GF diet my wife and son have followed for 10 years to address their gluten intolerance. Since they abandoned gluten at a nutritionist’s recommendation to alleviate symptoms (which have abated) they are now unable to obtain the blood-test confirmation that would satisfy her allopathic bias. Media accounts of celebrity GF endorsements make her suspicious that we are simply following a trend that will reverse. Suffice it to say that visits to grandmother’s house are fraught with argument.

  46. Celebrity GF endorsements confuse the slowly emerging awareness of celiac disease. My 12-year old son’s grandparents persist in doubting the GF diet my wife and son have followed for 10 years to address their gluten intolerance. Since they abandoned gluten at a nutritionist’s recommendation to alleviate symptoms (which have abated) they are now unable to obtain the blood-test confirmation that would satisfy her allopathic bias. Media accounts of celebrity GF endorsements make her suspicious that we are simply following a trend that will reverse. Suffice it to say that visits to grandmother’s house are fraught with argument.

  47. I was diagnoised with rhumetoid arthritis 5 years ago and heard that a gluten free diet would help. As it’s an auto-immune disease, I started on one and my RA started improving and I’m doing great now. Although I’ve not been tested for celiac disease, I had a lot of the symtoms before. So it’s a possibility I have it. But because of my illness, it’s been worth it and I also cannot tolerate wheat, rye and barley. I am so grateful I found out about being on a gluten free diet as I was in miserable pain at the time. I was really thin at the time and now have put on some weight, so it’s definetly not a weight loss program.

  48. what concerns me with the fad GF’ers is that things will start getting labeled GF just because it doesn’t have GF ingredients but it still may be manufactured in a facility that is not GF certified. There needs to be true monitoring of this for people that truly intolerant or Celiac.

  49. I have Celaic and I am so annoyed with these celebs doing this just to loose weight. Many people don’t understand the health risks involved for those of us who can not eat gluten. Many people tell me “oh it’s ok, just eat it once in awhile, you’ll be fine”, no I won’t be fine I tell them. This is a life long thing not just tempary. For people with Celaic or intolerance it is causes serious health problems.

  50. I don’t think it helps if someone goes on a gluten free diet to loose weight. If you eat the gluten free bread and dessert products you will notice that they have more carbs and calories then their wheat counterparts. Sounds more like she is on a very low carb diet as to being on a gluten free diet. If she is doing it because of her lupus than that would be different. Lots of people try GF to help with Auto immune conditions. PS I am a celiac.

  51. I think the situation of the celebrities going gluten-free for diet reasons strongly undermines the efforts of the GF organizations, health care professionals, celiac patients and their families who have worked so hard for public awareness of the DISEASE and all it entails. I was at a restaurant last night with family members who have celiac disease (one is a 5 yr. old), and we were discussing the Lady Gaga news. The restaurant manager was talking with us and admitted that the attitudes of staff members have changed since so many “stars” have demanded GF foods. The change has been that people don’t take cross contamination as seriously as they were originally led to believe is necessary. THAT is the harm in all this..

  52. I couldn’t concur more. If folks never “practice what they preach” will not hire them. Nobody’s perfect but they need to be making a great attempt to do the things they are planning to ask you to do. Social media has got to be piece of the overall sales and marketing strategy which falls outside of your strategic plan. People today are dabbling in social media and that’s okay but the results will probably be limited. You can get terrific results for your business with social media but you need a cohesive plan.

  53. I’m nine, and I’ve had celiac disease since I was a baby. I think it’s helpful that celebrities are going gluten-free, because now people might make more gluten-free stuff. Like Play-Dough or Chinese food or fortune cookies.

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