By Bridget

As everyone who reads this blog knows, living a gluten-free lifestyle is no easy task. It’s not just bread and brownies celiacs have to avoid. There are so many hidden allergens that can leave us out of commission. Unfortunately, many people who suffer from a gluten intolerance have other food sensitivities as well. I, myself, suffer from the addition of a dairy intolerance, which initially heightened my frustration with my issue with gluten. When I was first diagnosed, my doctor offered me a list of all the naturally occurring gluten-free foods. Half of that list consisted of cheese, yogurt, and other dairy-filled “options.”

Ice cream was one of the most difficult desserts for me to give up. A lot of ice cream is naturally gluten-free, but by no means dairy-free. So I was so happy to discover the brand So Delicious, which makes vegan ice cream from non-dairy sources like almond, coconut, and soy milk. Of course I had to stick to basic flavors like vanilla, but at least it was gluten- and dairy-free!

Well now we can all add cookie dough ice cream to our list of gluten- and dairy-free desserts! The So Delicious brand has released a gluten-free cookie dough coconut ice cream, made with vanilla coconut milk, gluten-free cookie dough, and dairy-free chocolate flakes. The ice cream is certified by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization of North America, made with organically grown and certified coconuts. Moreover, the ice cream is certified organic, meaning it contains 70%-94% organic ingredients, which are generally easier for our bodies to process because they are not overly processed or laden with preservatives. The ice cream is even verified by the Non-GMO project, an organization that works to identify foods that do (or do not) contain genetically modified organisms that can be unstable, as they do not occur naturally in plants and animals.

All of these certifications can give us peace of mind that we are eating a cold treat that wont leave us feeling sick or “glutened” afterwards.

Even better is that the ice cream is absolutely delicious! The coconut milk gives the ice cream a rich flavor and the cookie dough chunks are amazing! This is definitely something I want to keep in my freezer for the last couple days of summer!