4 Ways to Use Corn Tortillas

By Bridget

One of my favorite challenges with gluten-free eating has been exploring the versatility of commercially available products that just happen to be gluten-free! Corn tortillas are a great example of such gluten-free treasures!

  1. When you want homemade tortilla chips…

Cut corn tortillas into triangles or squares and fry some up in olive oil. Let the chips cool on a paper towel (to soak up the excess oil), sprinkle on some sea salt, and you have the best Mexican fare inspired snack.

  1. When you’re craving enchiladas…

In a casserole dish, layer corn tortillas with diced tomatoes, beans, chicken, and cheese (as you would with lasagna). Bake for 20-25 minutes at 350 degrees and you have a delicious gluten-free meal!

  1. When you need a “sandwich” on the go…

Use corn tortillas like bread to build your own sandwich to go! One of my biggest frustrations is trying to bring my meal with me, minus tons of cumbersome Tupperware. This way you can use cold cuts and cheese like anyone living a gluten-filled life!

  1. When you’re making a breakfast quiche…

Layer corn tortillas in a pie plate, using them as a gluten-free quiche crust. The tortillas will give nice structure and crunch to your breakfast dish.

Most corn tortillas are made from masa harina (dried corn treated with lime) and water. If you’re still feeling wary of commercial products, try making your own corn tortillas with this simple recipe (http://allrecipes.com/recipe/corn-tortillas/)!

3 thoughts on “4 Ways to Use Corn Tortillas”

  1. Suggestion:
    To make the corn tortillas a bit more palatable for a sandwich, I heat them (on medium) in a dry frying pan (no oil) for about a minute or so before I put the meat on. (You can put the cheese on right away.) HOWEVER, the tortillas must be moist or they will just break in half. (I add about a 1/2 teaspoon of water to the bag every time I open it to get some.) You can even make the sandwich, refrigerate it, and heat in the micro for 10-15 seconds to take the chill off before you eat it.

  2. I tear corn tortillas into bite size pieces and add to breakfast skillet. While your sausage, ham, bacon, and peppers are cooking throw in the tortilla pieces then scramble some eggs in. Gives this breakfast a southwest flare. Serve with hot sauce.

  3. I use corn tortillas every day for lunch. I just lay a damp paper towel on top and microwave for 15 seconds then build my sandwich. If it is good cold cuts I then put them on and microwave another 10- 15 seconds until the cheese melts. This summer I have been putting on a little mayo and homegrown tomatoes with fresh basil and chives… Yummy!

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