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Gluten-Free Laws Get an Overhaul in Canada

As of tomorrow, August 4, big changes are coming to Canada’s gluten-free scene.

As the Winnipeg Free Press explains, the new food allergen labeling laws have reached maturity. Originally discussed in 2008 and announced in February of 2011, they are now compulsory.

How else to tell whether your gluten-free pizza is Canadian?

The laws cover more than just gluten, also protecting those with allergies to egg, milk, nuts, etc. And, given that the paper cites a recent study in saying that 47% of study respondents had suffered from an, “accidental allergic exposure due to inappropriate and ineffective labelling,” the law is extremely important.
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Celiac Disease And Migraines

By Laura (The Gluten-Free Traveller)

When you’re celiac it often be a challenge to figure out which symptoms are celiac related and which are not. I know that whenever I have something weird going on with my body, whether it be an itchy head, achy muscles or a headache I instantly wonder if gluten is the culprit. The alternative is of course that my itchy head is from spending too long in the sun, my achy muscles are the result of a tough run and my headache is due to not drinking enough water. My mind doesn’t think of these things first though. It first considers whether or not I may have been contaminated by gluten or if in some other way it’s related to the fact that I have celiac disease.

A new study presented recently at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Nuerology finds that those of us with celiac disease, inflammatory bowel disease or gluten sensitivity may actually be more susceptible to migraines. So if you’re a celiac and you suffer from migraines it sounds like they really could be related.

The Columbia University Medical Center in New York studied 502 patients, 188 with celiac disease, 111 with inflammatory bowel disease, 25 with gluten sensitivity and 178 control subjects. Each of these patients completed a survey which included details on their medical history, medications, alcohol/caffeine/drug use, when and how they were diagnosed with celiac/IBD/GS, how long they have been on a gluten free diet and then what type and how often they suffer from headaches.

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Olympian Dana Vollmer Strikes Gold with a Gluten-Free Diet

By Bridget

Photo from CBS News

When you’re living a gluten-free lifestyle, “carbo loading” doesn’t exactly have the same ring to it as it does for the average athlete. Those pasta dinners the night before a big race won’t exactly get you on your game. Just ask Olympic Gold Medalist Dana Vollmer.

As you may have already heard, the newly minted world record-setting swimmer has revealed that she suffers from a gluten sensitivity, which has created stomach problems for her in the past. For the Olympics in Beijing in 2008, Vollmer just missed qualifying, attributing that loss to back and shoulder problems, as well as some stomach issues. Once she eliminated gluten and eggs from her diet she found that her energy levels and swimming ability vastly improved – to a world record setting extent.

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