Gluten-Free Cous Cous from Lundberg

By Laura (The Gluten-Free Traveller)

Gluten-free cous cous is not something I had ever heard of before Lundberg. I used to love cous cous in pre-celiac days. It’s great as a side to spicy dishes! I even got the chance to eat it in Morocco, but I thought my days of eating it were over until I found out that Lundberg makes a gluten-free cous cous. How exciting! I love it when I come across a gluten-free version of something I thought I would never eat again! How easily pleased I am.

The first thing I noticed about the Lundberg product was that it really looks like ‘normal’ cous cous. It’s made with brown rice so I guess I just assumed that it wouldn’t really taste like cous cous but it does! It’s great! They make it by crushing the rice into tiny granules and then fire roasting it to add the nutty flavor.

As well as looking like cous cous, it also cooks just as fast as any cous cous or rice would. In just 15 minutes it turns out very light and fluffy and yummy. I was impressed.

The original one is simply 100% organic brown rice but they also have some fun flavored ones too – roasted garlic and olive oil, savory herb and mediterranean curry. The roasted garlic and olive oil is probably my favorite. It has a great flavor to it which goes really well with chicken, tofu or veggies and topped with gluten-free tomato pasta sauce.

Lundberg also make a fantastic selection of what are some of my favorite rice chips. They come in really unique flavors such as Spicy Black Bean, Fiesta Lime and Sesame & Seaweed. They taste great both on their own or dipped in salsa or guacamole.

Lundberg also do a selection of gluten free rice cakes. The plain ones are great topped with things like avocado or peanut butter and the sweet ones are perfect on their own.

All of Lundberg’s products are produced in gluten free facilities so we don’t need to worry about the threat of cross contamination. Yay!

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  1. I love Lundberg’s products… having a company willing to disclose that its naturally gluten free product is not cross contaminated is well worth the extra price. And all their products are absolutely delicious. I rely on them for couscous, regular rice, sushi rice, and the occasional indulgence of rice chips!

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